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Mar 18, 2020
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Do you like football? Want to win top teams as a player and coach, do you want to learn to manage with the most exciting tournaments on earth? Football like PES or the Dream League football game, football management game attracts a large number of players worldwide. Football Manager 2020 Mobile (Mobile FM20) APK FM19 Cell Phone, which just released on November 19, 2019, by Sega on sale on Google Play and App Store for $ 8.99 Was ravamam next version.

Football Manager 2020 Overview Mobile APK

Name - Football Manager 2020 Mobile

Publisher - Sega

Genre - 3D, Soccer, Offline

Latest version - 11.0.4 (ARM64)

Size- 767MB

Mod Features - No

Support - Android 4.4

Get over it

When it comes to football management game, Football Manager leads the names of courses. After many years of success, there are a few games competing with the very Sega brand. In addition to the mobile version, they have released various versions for other platforms such as PC, Nintendo Switch. You can give our free download games via the link below. But it may know some changes to FM20 Mobile than previous versions of APKMODY.

Stay the club owner

If you are dreaming of owning a famous football club, Football Manager 2020 helps make your dream of a mobile game come true. These kings give a more detailed look at the game. Not only are you responsible for intense meetings each week, but you also have to find, manage, recruit, coach and find the right strategy.

If you feel like your role at Jose Mourinho's club in Pep Guardiola, then you are wrong. In fact, far more so than their role. For club owners (like Tottenham Levy owners), you decide to purchase such player policies as free team policies, campaigns for stadium expansion, such as transfer clubs. The association is to promote through the media, it is also important that you want to attract fans. Affects them through media and newspaper activities.

Develop your strategy

Football Manager 2020 is a mobile game, you can use the route, if current popular strategy such as ball control can create your team strategy, pressing, Sarriball has ... With many advanced customization, you can easily create a strategy. Here it is. Game Analysis Such technical manager staff clubs provide useful tips on how to develop the right strategy for the club. If you have a lot of strategic changes, check if you can change them, start to know them.

As a coach, you have to adapt to many different squads and tactics, each opponent and game apparel. Of course, those players should pass. There are several images to choose from, such as 4-4-3, 3-5-2, 4-2-3-1, because ... Free Kicker Help Kicker in the corner and installing fine shooters can sometimes be General Chat Chat Lounge You win tough games.

Buy and Sell, Train Players

Of course, the 2020 Football Manager is an exciting football game or cell phone, intended to tip every player in the world superstar. Do you want players like Ronaldo in his team, Messi or Pogba? Each player has different stats and technology. Also, praise the selected players, the players choose your strategy right.

The first game is only a small amount. No, you can freely buy one or two superstar players and then go bankrupt. Superstar of big pay players. And you can't win with just one team with one or two outstanding names. With this money, I think some players are not so famous, but buy good stats, or some potential young players. There are young players and training centers to keep the club, the train, and it's potential.

Image copyright reasons, team, players, logos and shirts have been redesigned for some. This football game is a well-known issue. There is a fan of frustrating times when you feel like a team, but generally, it does not affect your gaming experience.

Greek and Danish Championships

Olympic in Copenhagen, Greek official football manager for two Danish National Championships fans 2020 good news appears mobile.


In this version, the Football Manager 2020 mobile phone has better graphics than the previous version. Graphics, more intuitive, more beautiful, user-friendly. Players, stadium lighting and image quality, weather effects are also very real. Even if you feel the excitement and sound around the stands, it's just a mobile game.

In the final

FM20 is a great football management game for mobile devices and tablet PCs. If you manage a football club it provides experience. If you are an avid fan of football, you can not miss this game.

Currently, Football Manager costs 2020 mobiles on Google Play and the App Store $ 8.99. If you have trouble making payments, you can download it for free from the Gift APK file.