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Mar 18, 2020
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Football Manager 2020 Mobile (FM20 Mobile) is the next version of FM19 Mobile released by Sega on November 19, 2019. It sells for 99 8.99 on Google Play and the App Store.

Do you like soccer Do you learn how to manage the best football club with players and coaches to win the most exciting tournament in the world? In addition to popular soccer games such as PES or Dream League Soccer, soccer management games also attract a large number of players from around the world.

Football Manager is a leading name when it comes to football management games. After many years of success, there are very few games that can continue with the Sega brand. Aside from the mobile version, they have released many versions for other platforms like PC, Nintendo Switch. You can download the game for free using our link under this article. But before that, let’s learn some changes from FM20 Mobile compared to previous versions of FM20 Mobile.

Become a club boss

If you dream of owning a famous football club, Football Manager Manager 2020 Mobile is a game that will make your dreams come true. This gives you more detailed information about the game. Not only are you responsible for the intense sports that take place every week, but you also need to manage players and coach recruitment and find the right strategy.

If you think your role at the club is like Pep Guardiola or Jose Mourinho, you are wrong. In fact, your role is much more than that. Like club owners (like Tottenham Levy), you also criticize team policies such as transfer policies, player purchases, stadium upgrades, advertising campaigns for the club, ... media advertising for the club. If you want to attract fans. Influence them through media and newspaper activities.

Develop your strategy

When you play Football Manager 2020 Mobile, you can adapt your team's strategy to existing general strategies such as ball control, impressing, services, etc. With many advanced adjustments, you can easily create your own strategy. Technical managers such as club managers and game analysis staff will give you helpful advice to develop the right strategy for the club. If you start making a lot of changes to your strategy, you should report whether or not you should make changes.

As a coach, you have to prepare different teams and tactics for each opponent and during the game. Of course, it suits the players you have. There are various squad rosters from which you can choose, such as: B4-4-3, 3-5-2, 4-2-3-1, ... Free kicks, corner kicks, and sometimes to win a tough game Penalty taker. Can help you

Transport, train players

Of course, in an exciting soccer game like Football Manager 2020 Mobile, the best superstars in the world are the goal of every player. Do you want to have players like Ronaldo, Messi, or Pogba in your team? Each player has different stats and skills. Choose not only the players you admire but also the players who best fit your strategy.

Initially, the game only gives you a small amount. You can’t buy independently, buy one or two superstar players, and then go bankrupt. Superstar players get very high salaries. And you can’t win with a team with one or two outstanding names. With this money, you should buy some players who are not so famous but have good stats, or some potential young players. The club also has a training center where you can train your potential young players.

Due to image rights issues, some teams, players, logos, and jerseys have changed. This is a well-known problem in soccer. If you’re a fan of this team, it can be a little frustrating, but usually, it doesn’t affect your gameplay and experience.

Super League Greece, Danish Super League

The good news for two Greek and Danish Premier League fans in Copenhagen or the Olympics has officially arrived in Football Football Manager 2020 Mobile.


In this version, Football Football Manager 2020 Mobile offers better graphics than previous versions. The graphics are more intuitive, beautiful, and user friendly. The image quality of the players, the stadium, and the lighting effects, the weather is also very real. You can feel the noise and warmth around the stand, even if it's just a cell phone game.

To measure

Football Manager 2020 Mobile is an excellent soccer management game for mobile devices and tablets. Running a football club is a great experience. If you are a football fan then you can't miss this game.