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Apr 25, 2020
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If you're looking for a fun and entertaining game, don't miss the adventure game inspired by a TV series called Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff (MOD Free Shopping). Take part in Peter Griffin's most fun adventures and build the city as you wish.


Although introduced by Tinico in 2015, the game has proven to be exciting so far and has a huge, loyal following. Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff is a fun adventure game inspired by the famous American cartoon of the same name. For this game, players travel through the land of the characters in the film and rebuild the city from the rubble.


Peter Griffin continued the content of the famous American cartoon and "accidentally" turned the city of Quahog into ruins after the end of the terrible war with the giant chicken. To bring the city of Kuhag back to its original beauty, Peter had to face very difficult tasks to rebuild the city. But Peter could not do it alone.


You will be able to work with well-known characters in Family Guy. Her only goal is to help Peter Kuhag restore the city from its ruins to its original beauty. Peter is waiting for many simple tasks. Although their correction is a bit bizarre (e.g. turning it on fire to extinguish it), at least it works.

But did you know that this quirk is the highlight that Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff is fantastic and extremely interesting. You can turn Peter into a pirate, help Mayor Adam West hunt oxen, find Glenn Kagamir a golden island, or even help his son Chris with an antenna column. Can be changed in

When the player completes the mission, the system rewards more gold coins and qualifies to unlock other characters. These characters help Peter get to work faster. Unlock new areas and build houses for residents and make the city more prosperous.


Players will meet many well-known characters like family boys like Peter, Chris, Bonnie, Kaggamir, etc. She is very energetic and nice. When the hero does something, it helps him work faster and also gives rare rewards to the players. On the other hand, they will also protect the city of Kuhag from attacks by aggressive chicken pirates and many other types of enemies.


When story tasks are done, players have the option to unlock hundreds of other interesting items. It has some fun costumes that can be used to make them more distinctive than the characters.

Here are some tips you may need

Don't give your characters free time, especially if you've unlocked a lot of different characters. Before leaving the game, make sure you assign tasks to team members. This is important because you can make your work your fly. So you can get coins and collect points even without time.

Second, you can connect with friends with the game through Facebook or Google+. You should not ignore this feature. It helps you to get bonuses and shells from the system while inviting friends to play.

Third, give preference to shells when you want to spend money on something in the store. Because coins are easy to collect, shells are very rare and you can only get shells if you perform multiple tasks or complete the upgrade process.

Fourth, you can review the information before accepting any order. Because most of the construction works bring coins and experience points and give them a priority. When the game started, everything was very wild. The money will promote rapid growth.

After creating Bob's Finland, collect the Stevie characters and unlock the eighth district. However, to achieve this you need to trade many shells.

What's new in the update?

In the latest updated version, Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff opens up a new adventure for players like Stevie and Santa at the North Pole. Here, players have to defeat the boss, who plans to destroy Christmas Eve.

The developer also records player reviews. To get a better experience you have fixed a few minor bugs that have occurred in previous versions and improved performance.

About the MOD version

  • MOD function
  • Free purchase.


It is a very fun game and is perfect for entertaining users after stressful work moments. Let download Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff right away and join Peter Griffin to build a beautiful town of Quahog.