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0.22.10305 for Android
Updated On:
Feb 11, 2020
App By:
Hutch Games
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Required Android:
Android 5.0

The classic racing games give the player the feeling of driving expensive cars, driving famous cities and leaving the enemy behind. However, the F-1 Manager APK is a Formula One team manager. You are not a racing driver as an Autosport asphalt or grid. Now has a great role. Find the best racers, rental upgrades, and the best cars. If you want to bring great glory to our team.

Summary of F1 Manager APK

Name  - F1 Manager

Publisher - Hutch Games

Genre - 3D, Online, Racing

Latest Version -  0.20.10213

Size - 76M

MOD Features - No

Platforms - Android 5.0

I introduce you to many racing games. Overall, they are divided into several categories, including classic racing games and driving simulation games. However, F1 Manager is the first racing management game that I recommend. It's not like any other racing game you've played with. Together EA Sports and Hutch Games develop a promise to bring the best experience to players.


Football Manager 2020 Mobile Soccer Management Game F1 Manager is the best Formula 1 management game for mobile phones. Forget the nitric acid in the technology car or because the seat flows and the electrical slip because the screws are used, now the championship few ideas are very there to win your team, forget. Their role, coach or manager's team. Strategy and race car quality have to find them.

These types of racing teams are the most important questions as they compete in finance, technology, repair teams, cars. Encouraging your team helps you to get money from sponsors. And of course, race and race are essential in the two most important things in car quality. Contract with a new breed, train them and then register for F1 races around the world. Take part in dramatic races such as Baku (Azerbaijan) in Monaco, Montreal.


F1 Manager gives you a whole new perspective. Rear-wheel more, now you have an audience like manager. Above with the look, you can follow the whole competition objective, honest and comprehensive. Some parameters of the breed, you can analyze the weaknesses and strengths of each opponent. Thanks to that, you can find the right strategy for the next competition.

Although the port race lacks details, the way they raise F1 cars is extremely good. The F1 car is driven by integrity, lively and very realistic. For those who love F1, it's a game you can't miss.

Famous racers

In the world of your desire to fulfill the F1 manager game while likely because of the famous F1 driver Idol Mercedes racing Lewis Hamilton, Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel, Ferrari or Fernando Alonso Michael Schumacher Reno. They are top drivers. In fact, at the beginning of the game, you start your career is to be a team of young racers. They are not as famous as I called, but they also have great talent and skills. Training them, they take part and help in various tournaments to reach growth figures. After making a lot of money, you may want to consider burning the old player and signing off the new stars.

Unlock and upgrade cars

F1 Manager The latest F1 model Mercedes, McLaren, Ferrari offers and more. All are prepared as a sample in real life. But you can also tire, updating vehicle parts such as engine.

Defeat other players

If you play in online mode, you can join the competition with other players in the world. You will hit your rankings and improve the rankings. At the end of the semester, you will receive a lot of rewards based on their rank. Don't forget, maybe it will be useful for your team to know the strategies of the top players.


As a game, this classic race players do not need as much. However, if you need every aspect of controlling and managing a racing team, you want to win the championship. But the whole F1 manager, which is a very time-loving game of F1 racing. You can then set up your own racing team and game your team. Race by contact, you can ask drivers according to the strategy that you want to compete with.