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Aug 21, 2020
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We are all in this situation: trying to capture the perfect moment, but also eventually miss, the torn bubble when the sun goes down, or the eagles will go. All photographs should be taken at the right time, but sometimes just quickly shoot solution. Luckily transit Star Series application actually does what you ask.

Quick and easy

Transit Star Rating is a completely customizable filter, an easy-to-use capture app on photos that has the ability to batch edit photos at the same time and has some amazingly advanced features. But our favorite feature is simple: images that are always sharpshooting.

Each image is automatically aligned when you shoot Quickshot mode.

Generally, after a false picture of the company connected with that, you have to manually cut. Quick Shot mode automatically shoots directly viewfinder.

While you may be tilted slightly against tilt the phone viewfinder correction direction, the image will always be perfect. This not only saves a lot of time and work, but it also allows you to capture the perfect shot. You do not need to worry about minor changes to the layout.

Far East style

If you want to shoot particularly moving images? Press strobe modes and prepare surprises. The pattern in the background and take a pair of mixed again with more pictures of the subject, then the subject will continue to be removed from the image. The results Showing photo at full speed, it freezes a moment. Believe it, it seems hard to wait until you see the results. You have to trust!

A different and effective way to find Strobe mode captures multiple images in movement.

The aerial acrobatics of someone, or try to throw a ball to tell everyone to move quickly jump. Once, she had quit you like your photo, click on the tab icon on the underside merge with other pictures. Very impressive results have become interesting and unique images of ordinary objects in the exhibition.


If you already know the HDR function built-in camera app on iPhone, but Enlight Star rating is slightly different version: HDR +. Combining this feature with a series of deep shadows and light images to produce mixed images with different exposure levels (light, medium, and dark). This feature can add color images of the landscape and sunset, and the rest can be adjusted. Take a photo and the app will start mixing immediately, and then you will be able to adjust the dark and light areas with a slider.

We love the great features of Transition Star, and it's very good you can access them with just one click on the screen.