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1.17.1 for Android
Updated On:
Oct 21, 2018
App By:
Square Enix
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Android 4.4 , iOS 8.0

Omni Opera Mobile: Recently, Square Enix has officially called for the beginning of  Dissidia Final Fantasy: Opera Omni sequel to Final Fantasy series. Fans, especially the action with the Final Fantasy games are usually really good news for fans of the genre. For this reason, the gaming community has always received a warm welcome from the game Final Fantasy theme. This version also players brought a unique way to attract the curiosity of a particular novel. If you've ever played the game Square Enix, especially by the title of Final Fantasy Series, then you have no reason to miss out on this wonderful game.


Enter the game; You'll be taken to a land of colorful fairies. Here are the most important stories to learn the game. They have many characters have been talking down the research plot.  Dissidia Final Fantasy: Opera Omni Opera Omni in peace. Suddenly an old demon, appeared by the mysterious rites of space and time changes. How to defeat the treasures of coal in the world with the help of the horse world, the heroes to collect as soon as evil monsters, put the lights, the rest of the state.

Exclusive Gameplay

 Dissidia Final Fantasy: Opera Omni Opera Omni turn-based MMORPG further action RPG genre. You have to build an army to fight against the enemy. However, the mixing system, the characters, but you make only three members, including three characters in the game. The game is a bit of tactical style. Well then cut by hand, then in this game, you do not need to think and there are more calculations to gain an advantage over the opponent. In addition to route calculation, you must also think about how to introduce a strategy to dodge enemy.

Opera Omni: Dissidia Final Fantasy version of the widely used multiple times as a merged version of the earlier versions. Here you can meet many famous Final Fantasy VII Tifa and Cloud Final Fantasy characters like Zidane Final Fantasy X Yuna beautiful or Final Fantasy XI. We can not forget Ifrit, Shiva Ramuh and the legendary trilogy. You are bringing your team to maintain hundreds of characters and a variety of skills.

In addition to icons, the Game system is very deep, hanging to the ground. The last owner of the Dragon, Hydra Feel like a monster with the same performance as the octopus ... Kill the boss will give you the tools and rare gems. Opera Omni: Of course you can beat all the terrible stages of Final Fantasy Dissidia. You must overcome all levels with other players to join.

 Dissidia Final Fantasy: Opera Omni real-time PvP Opera Omni is also very attractive. Turn-based combat game system is developed under the brave systems. Is looking for a trailer, then you will realize that it is very difficult to play at the same time as the masters of the game. But do not worry, because the games are very easy to implement systematic, very scientific symbols. In addition, the game also expands the guidance system so you are sure to PK class.

Eligible Prirup

Unlike previous versions, this time the characters of Final Fantasy Dissidia: Chibi style is very nice built-in Opera Omni. Skills Action effects, character is also carefully updated to this version. But Dissidia Final Fantasy: The fight to support a variety of angles to make Opera Omni bad players. In particular, the letter also raised a very sweet voice.

Final Thought

Overall, the game is fairly new, and there are not many things to say. Let it wait for something big development. Download the game to your Android or iOS device to Opera Omni world: now you can join the  Dissidia Final Fantasy: Opera Omni