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1.06 for Android
Updated On:
Oct 04, 2019
App By:
Motion Twin
Mod Features:
Unlimited Money
Required Android:
iOS 11.0

Currently much appreciated by platform game Motion Twin. Specialists are now available on the App Store. Dead Cells (MOD Unlimited Money) is a platform action game, the perfect blend of classic and modern. If you love classic Metroidwan-style games, don't miss this great game.

Indian Sport is becoming more and more popular and appreciated by players all over the world. Motion Twin is a prime example of this. A young and enthusiastic team of 10, always sharing new ideas in influential sports.

Dead Warrior

Dead Cells is good in both graphics and gameplay, thanks to a combination of simple action sequences with dramatic challenges and hack-and-dreams splash gameplay.

The game's Dead Cells name refers to the protagonist: in the form of a cloth, a parasite invades the body of a dead warrior, brings it to life, and the game begins. Life is incredible You can only be green, but the body of the fighter you live in is very flexible thanks to a quick and easy control mechanism.

Play the game

Platform game together with the thrill, the action for the players was also not strange. You start the adventure with a launching weapon. Explore dungeons, upgrade weapons, unlock new weapons, fight enemies ... Just repeat this and you can finish the game. Every state has mysterious stories and weapons, energy is open to the players.

The Dead Cells map is divided into several regions. Each area is further subdivided into branches. You can explore any area without following the pattern available in general adventure games. After each level, the enemy becomes stronger. If you want to continue the adventure, you need to upgrade your weapons and abilities. Do not forget the most important thing during the fight: "Death is not the end."


The left side joystick works as a gear control, while the buttons on the right help you perform some actions, such as driving. B. When rolling to avoid arrows, or when rolling on a narrow wall, jumping (and double jumping). ), Flip grenades, propagate trippers and use weapons.

These keys are small but very clear so you don't accidentally hit the wrong key. If the layout is still incorrect, you can edit the button position and size as you like.

In addition, the mobile version of Dead Cells has an entirely new automatic attack mode that helps your character deal with melee attacks when an enemy reaches a certain range. Lightning Fighting is a great way to make gameplay a habit in this game.

Explore the dungeon

As you explore the winding and dangerous labyrinth, you will encounter numerous loot, dozens of enemies and traps. There are three different weapon types (sorted by color). And papers help you increase weapon damage and improve health.

Often you are confused because there are so many options. But from throwing brave blades to obstructed shoals, he will try new weapons and combinations to find new weapons, including grenades with 3-way arrows. Dead Cells are always looking for ways to keep you up to date. Each level is created automatically so that each game has a different experience. The layout of the opponents also varies to ensure that you do not feel subjective. Under normal monsters, the boss suddenly appears - he moves quickly, makes strong attacks, and gets you into defense.

At some point, you will fall and start at the beginning of your journey. However, there are several ways to make travel easier. Between regions, you can swap collected cells for specific items. For example, your health may improve again, so you drink more often each time you bleed. you can.


Here you can also assign design diagrams of the weapons you find that you can unlock for purchase. If you have the equipment to make a certain amount of money, you can quickly deposit and pass the first level to buy quality equipment.

If you defeat some special enemies, you'll unlock the kind of paranormal power that works forever. Some create vines with green fluid, others help teleport between coffins, while a third provides the ability to jump between walls to reach new heights.

To complete

This game will satisfy every player type. A good example of this is special doors that you can open only when you reach specific goals. Sometimes you have to reach a goal within a tight deadline, so you can score more goals in the first few steps to become stronger to play well. Sometimes the goal is to kill a certain number of enemies without getting hurt (which is perfect for careful players).

No matter what genre you play, you'll be proud to improve whenever you play. While Dead Cells constantly evolves into a mighty warrior, you'll also enjoy Motion Twin's platform action game masterpiece. The Android version of Dead Cells is expected to be released in the near future. Visit APKMODY daily to get the latest news about this game.

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