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Jun 20, 2020
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Behaviour Interactive
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Do not have survived more than death.

Daylight Dead APK official version developed by interactive mobile gaming behavior, adapted from a horror game on PC and Nintendo switch. After the great success of previous editions, they decided to develop a mobile version. Are currently testing the beta version of the game. You can download the APK file using the link under the article. The horrors of the past year, some of the most popular games - but before that, I learned some interesting things about the Dead by Daylight

Run or die

It seems in fact dead gameplay with endless runner games, but many factors daylight. Existence, dupe strategy to find the killers of courage Player. There are five players in the game. In a player-killer, is trapped in the unfortunate victims of the other four play in a mysterious forest.

The sole purpose adapts to survive the killer, kill them and steal the energy of the human fear. This is the only way to get out of the forest, cards began to improve almost five generators. You are in random positions. You need to distract the killer to find and repair a generator with the other players. When the work in the village will open the door to all generators. You can think of to get out of the terrible nightmare you ever had.

I used to identify a "clone" version developed by Dead by Daylight NetEase. You can see in this game.

Escape Death

Killer, There are many ways to approach their prey. Your vision can not be saved as well, but that he could not understand where you are. They hunt in a dark place hung on hangers if you manage to catch one person. His life is temporary until they die slowly. Save the other players and can help them recover. However, if you need to distract the killer while hanging on the hook and how the players do not want the future.

There are four living human survival, not a murderous attack. He has good weapons, strength, and speed. In addition, he also has skills in such cases stunned, etc. Of course, all was not a poor idea of ​​an attribute. Players can take advantage of windows as a barrier to avoid roadblocks. But they can also be a killer for a few seconds to a few things like using a flashlight STUN. The human mind, who left the game online Help find death. Dead Drama daylight when you need to use a headset. When in motion, the killer, the heart will beat characters.

Support for survival

Dead by Daylight online game, which means that you will match any online player game. Communication and the ability to work together is very important if you love the game of Survivor. Statistics of the player the ability to work with partners that have a higher survival rate display for better coordination. The generator is fast, so there are many people to improve. But be careful, because the killer was easily able to keep them all gathered in one place to four players.


If you love the role of the killer, if you have the opportunity to know the characters depicted in the popular horror films like Ghostface (Scream) to meet, Trapper, pork, strength, spirit, nightmare ... further good speed to the power of the people, Assassin a variety of special skills to make the game more unpredictable and survivors.

For example, Trapper Devil is capable of bears in the forest. If a player is caught in a bear trap, it can easily take the lives of victims. Ghostface victims temporarily forget their existence might be crazy. Thanks to that, they can easily reach the victims. Joker is a killer. Create a reason he threw the bottle, then stick tonic, toxic gases, hunting, Panic Cry, reduced vision clouds, and speed.

Many other Dead by Daylight and murderers daylight. You can choose the letter that best fits your strategy, or just a sign, Lo love. Update behavior of players always tries to get a new character. Do not lose!


Brings a very realistic 3D graphics afraid to daylight Dead by Daylight Unreal Engine 4 for developing graphics technology, this game provides highly detailed, realistic objects. The background is dark, the players with a nice, stressful environment, taken from the perspective of game characters to horror movies. You may feel scared by every breath and the main character markings. Since the graphics and high-quality resolution, you should use a high-end phone.

Scary, but fun

Overall, it can not Dead by Daylight places you're a fan of movies and games. You know, friends invited of cat and mouse game can play together and the bloody horror genre. Violence and horror elements, the game you are 17 or older.