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for Android
Updated On:
Jun 15, 2020
App By:
Azur Interactive Games
Mod Features:
Unlimited Energy, Max Durability
Required Android:
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At present, the existence of this game is very popular. I think PUBG Mobile is the most typical example. Dark Days: Zombie Survival (Mod Unlimited Money / Energy): Well, the fight survived the of joining.

Summary about Dark Days: Zombie Survival MOD APK

Name - Dark Days: Zombie Survival

Publisher - Azur Interactive Games

Genre - 3D, Offline, Survival

Latest Version - 1.2.4

Size - 101MB

MOD Features - Unlimited Money/Energy, Max Durability

Platforms - Android 4.3

Get over it

Calling this game is really not really a new genre. The game is inspired by the last day on earth. In fact, the interactive game was just upgraded to publishers, high-quality graphics. And so on the last day on earth, come to play in the Dark Days: Zombie Survival is also an interesting story, in which the main character, right zombie destruction.


All of a few months, other than the earth disappears and falls, experiencing a major epidemic. City filled with corpses and blood. Doubtless, you find the scary situation disgusting. Guess what? In the unprecedented epidemic in the history of humankind, eternal struggle survives. In the bloodthirsty zombies, almost the entire population is transformed. In cities like a real mighty dead-filled apocalypse. The military is forced to use atomic bombs, but it is useless to try.

Some of the survivors, you are forced to leave the city, to escape the zombies. But not only its mission but more. Kill all the zombies in order to survive as a possible and shining hope for humanity. So you must fight to create a safe haven, combine resources to make everything useful and destroy the zombies. The fate of the earth is in your hands!


Call Dark Days: Zombie Survival is a real survival game, everything has to happen because this zombie disaster is the longest lasting. How do you know? Build a home shelter and build for yourself. A safe place for his journey, which is initially a body. If you also start to survive with your trip you risk well globally.

In the beginning, collect what you need for your list. Remember character is human and food is essential. One fruit is very useful for your luggage. And of course, for self-defense, stone primary with a branch, so you can prepare for it. Later you can add more resources, such as collecting guns, motorcycles, bombs ... it helps you fight a lot later to protect yourself and the zombies. You can't get in the way!

Fighting zombies

Dark Days: Zombie Survival, you will encounter some zombies. Level them to destroy the loot and collect experience. You do not have enough resources, but they are not stupid zombie teams. In their whereabouts, there are countless crazy zombies. In these circumstances, an easy way is to choose death. But after a while attempts to find your forces and face to look for are sung. If you die, you will return to a safe area and start again.

In order to overcome a large number of aggressive zombies, you have a lot of quality equipment. And the only way to collect more advanced item levels. These elements include machine guns, AK rifles, guns, and pistols, ... More specifically, to achieve a certain level, you get to wear a motorcycle useful vehicle or run. Take your power zombie cave breaks and be sure to kill all these disgusting zombies.


Many of the graphics have been upgraded with 3D pictures in conjunction with Dark Days: Zombie Survival 2D. With 2D images, most actually a third perspective, which is a good overview that will open up a larger and more alive belief. 3D graphics are paranoid and violent with zombies, a place where a terrible war is shown.


Overall, Dark Days: Zombie Survival is an interesting survival game with dramatic gameplay and surprises. Similar to the last day on earth, yet this game gives you a new feeling. In addition, the game has a spectacular view of the impact of the system and effective steps, promising to bring you exciting entertainment moments. Download the game on your phone via the link below this article.