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Apr 16, 2020
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Raw Fury
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Nowadays it is easy to find an exciting game in the adventure category on Google Play. Still, it is quite difficult to get a well-designed game in the form of story, experience, gameplay, and graphics like Dandara APK.

Introduction About Dandara

Even if you’re a sports enthusiast, you probably won’t hear anything about the Metroidwenia style. It is the name of the game that combines elements of Metroid and Castlevania - both platform and adventure-style elements. Now the developers have taken the Mandarin style to a new level with the performance of Dandara.

New breeze in the game industry

Under retro (nostalgic), the graphic style of the rod is a very modern control method.

Dandara was developed by Long Hat Games (Brazil) and is the best example of a new environment in the publisher Raw Fury gaming industry. Despite being a small group of people, Long Hat Games has developed a new but stylish game with a very natural and simple control method, and the existing traditions (sometimes followed).

As an introductory act, this is a new and versatile design idea (I'll mention below) that you've never seen before. There is not much documentation or complete drying functions, but the links between logic and level are preserved.


Dandara plays the story in the fantasy salt world. In the past it was a peaceful place where people lived, worked hard, and helped each other in daily life. However, the threat has been received. They are attacked, harassed, and sometimes killed by strange monsters. Salt has lost its freedom for so long, leaving only a darker color, which puts people in despair and fear.

But things are not over yet. One day a heroine named Dandara appears and brings a spark of hope.

Simple but amazing gameplay

When you guide Dandara through unique graphics with 16-bit graphics, you will quickly find that this is an extraordinary adventure. Pull back with your left hand and let the rod go to the designated place. As long as there is a proper landing point, it can jump from the floor to the ceiling and anywhere.

Use your right hand to kill warriors and monsters, anywhere from floor to ceiling to walls. Let your warriors live in the world of salt. Find the dangers to find your peace and clear them.

There are other games (on the console) that use the same controls, but the rod game is faster, more responsive, and more varied. If you watch the characters run around and send enemies out of flames, you'll see that everything runs smoothly and naturally - like a game from scratch, instead of having to be repeated on the console screen.

Upgrade your characters

Dandara has personal skills and its use can be improved when performance improves. It is inevitable that you will have to do this as the difficulty grows. The card is bigger and has more vidcaps. As the damage of the invading monsters and the masses continue to increase. The ability to move quickly helps you avoid enemy attacks. Further damage will help you kill the enemy with just one shot.

This process costs a lot of money, but the MOD version we mentioned is no problem.

Intelligent scene

An intelligent camera My system follows a constant stream while floating in the vast world. You must see a road map. And when a warrior flies through the door to enter a new field where everything is downhill, the angle of view automatically changes when you feel more comfortable. Allow no control.

Although there is a new style of rod and it is not really popular in today's market, this innovative method has an attraction that attracts a large number of players who prefer a unique experience.

MOD version of Dandara

MOD function

  • Payment: You can download and install this game for free if you can download it on Appstoreaccess.

How to install

The price for the Android version on Google Play is 99 5.99. However, you can download it for free on APKMody. Since this game contains an OBB file, you need to take some steps to install this game successfully.

  • Download the APK and OBB files using the link below the article.
  • Unzip the com.rawfury.longhathouse.Dandara25.zip file and move the com.rawfury.longhathouse.Dandara25 folder to Android / obb.
  • Install the APK file as usual. If you have not enabled the installation of files from unknown sources, go to Settings, select Unknown Sources, and select Enable.


Creative Game is an impressively designed game under mechanics that ranges from a story and character growth system to a challenging new field. Dandara is proof that when games made for mobile devices shine, they are pointed in the right direction.