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1.3.9 for Android
Updated On:
Feb 20, 2020
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Mod Features:
Unlocked Skins, No ADS
Required Android:
Android 4.4

If you feel alone, so the road, where a group of jogging and try to talk to them. Crowd City (MODUnlock all skins are no ads) Voodoo the latest version, arcade # 1 ranked App Store. looked across the city. Do not eat in the account to run together and invite to join your group but to everyone in town for a black hole

Make the Largest quantities

Such as their name, city of you, you'll have to move in a hurry, busy city and a lot of people. All are busy in their work. Your job is to lead a group of people to run, and everyone is invited to come closer to them.

Rush City A competitive game within the game, and leads a group of people as different from (9 different colors with other players). In each game, which two minutes to take the top spot after a large number of times. People are not attracted to each group of the white road, you should start by attracting them rather than attacking other groups.

Crowd City I say to the attack? No fighting or something to city Rush's hard to attack. You can draw them closer to members of other parties. But because if they are very large members, it can "swallow" your game to all their members and be on it carefully... However, if you are a steal "from your members," you speed efficient, but I do not think it's a good idea.

Easy operation

Voodoo game is not easy and often at least a bunch of her way to control the city is no exception. Simple, very simple and addictive player to say about his game. In this game, you seem to control the direction of the crowd to attract more people to more than just a clever way. Other players are faster, they pull people on the street, you can not move your audience.

The best way to steal all the members of other groups around them because they are hard to escape. Remember that the more soldiers you are the undefeated champion.

Get the top 1 and earn stars

In the game, players come from all over the world. Every time you win a beat, and the top of all the other players, you will find a lot of stars. So, out and buy more when you start playing. The number of larger and more advantage over your competitors.

Simple graphics

Crowd City the audience is driven 3D graphics in minutes. A scene as trees houses the stark reality. But this game is in front of you man. Everyone that you see different colors just was. In addition, the sound helps the game even more fun.


The crowded city is a great fun game with creative and fun gameplay. Many challenges and sporting competition in real-time. Each game takes only 2 minutes so that at any time there are games you can play anywhere. Remember that your device needs to be connected to the Internet it's supposed to work.