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Updated On:
May 13, 2020
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Pretty Simple
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Unlimited Money/Energy
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Detective films showed me the dream of becoming a detective. Criminal Case Mod APK is a game that gives me the environment to make my dream come true. It's currently free to download. We also offer a MOD version to give you a better experience!

Introduction of a criminal case

Criminal Case provides information about the forensic industry and the hard work of police officers in murder cases. The first scene is in the town of Grimsborough, where extremely dangerous criminals are involved. Many innocent people have been killed recently. In the security forces of civilians, there is a lack of a person who can collect events to find the ultimate killer.

Play as a detective

The first challenge for the great detective is the murder of a young woman at the city gate. Here you need to look at the links to check. Start searching for zombies and weapons. They should be sent to a laboratory for analysis and sampling.

If the culprit is an amateur, he may leave fingerprints, blood, or tissue cells such as skin, nails, and hair. Together with the police to get information about the citizens of the city, you can easily identify them.

However, if the offender is justified, you will have to take additional action to provide guidance in the final stages. Laboratory personnel provides information on how the victim was killed, who was left or right. The sheriff helps identify and zone criminals, along with the items the system needs for on-site searches.

If all goes well, return to the view to see what has been overlooked. This could be a mailbox, a bloody closet, or anything else that could bring information to the victim.

You can't predict anything

Pretty Simple has built his game with a fairly high level of logic. You will soon find that the crime scene, where it is easy to find evidence with an experienced police support team, will find out whether the ultimate culprit is still a big question mark.

Use the hint when you feel stuck. When interviewing suspects, ask smart questions to expose them.

Witnesses are also an important part. You can tell when your neighbors came home or showed unusual behavior before killing them. You can chat with them for more information.

In criminal case, players must have logic, the ability to observe, and .order. It’s not just for one case. Who can guess that all criminals are behind one man?

The murders are everywhere

Grimsborough was projected as an obscure and corrupt city. Before entering this country, it clearly shows the nature of the place without any rules. Explain that finding the ultimate boss is as clever and clever as James Morritt, who made it difficult for Sherlock Holmes and almost lost his life.

The journey begins in the underworld. It can happen anywhere. On the side of the road, on the edge of the forest, in the bathroom of the victim's house or even in the car. The scene is really complicated when it is in a narrow area and many things hide evidence or weapons. Sometimes they are too big, out of sight. Take a closer look and you'll probably find a symbol for a life-threatening organization!

MOD version of the criminal case

MOD Features

  • Increase stores: After completing a level, you will receive a lot of points.
  • Star sStras: You always get a maximum of 5 stars.
  • Increase MOney: Increase the money you receive while completing a level.
  • Increase exp: You get more experience points after each level. This indirectly helps you gain more power.


In a criminal case, you will learn how to handle the case after the procedure. It also shows the brutality of the criminals along with the barbaric murders. The balance of justice is in your hands. Pay them for what was paid.

If there is any suggestion, I hope Pretty Simple can add a more detailed file including the cause of the killer. This can be useful for those who are in the field of criminal psychoanalysis.