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May 20, 2020
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Crazy Kick! - In your opinion, what is football? Some people believe that football is a game for nothing and nothing. Others view football as a fire of endless passion, a passion that never ends. Or for a player, their job is to feed the whole family. Football is art for me!

Have you ever been fascinated by Messi, Ronaldinho or Neymar Jr? They are considered football legends with the ability to "rotate" on the field and turn the enemy into a jock if desired. In fact, this brings the spirit that brings football to the feet of the players. For some, this is real football! Have you ever wanted to be an avatar in a superstar and control the ball the way you want it? If you answer "yes" then I would like to introduce you to a very interesting voodoo publisher game that will help you fulfill your dreams in a very magical way. It's a crazy kick!

Play the game

One fact I must say from the beginning is that this game will not be like any other football game you have played. If you need to control the entire team on Dream League Soccer or Extreme Football!, Crazy Kick! Ask to control only one ball.

At the beginning of the game, you will find yourself playing like a ball and playing with the players on the other side, to bring you into the opposition trap. How do you handle the ball? It's easy to just move your ball in the direction you want on the screen. That way, you can create incredible incredible balls that sometimes even surpass the laws of physics. And hit hard until you feel good enough to shoot so he can escape the enemy's trap.

One small trick is to have the ball completely sideways on the way to the ball for an unexpected and stopping knuckleball shot. That's why this game is called Crazy Kick!

It's not as easy as you think

When I first read or how to play, I think the game is pretty simple because you can't stop us if you want to control the ball. But things are not so easy. Crazy kick! There are always many defenders and goalkeepers defending the goal. These people are so stubborn! Each time you get closer, they will surely knock you down. In addition, each layer has different obstacles, such as iron fences, fences, or dangerous holes. If the opponent hits your ball too far or falls into the hole, you lose.

To get rid of these things, you have to be really careful in your abilities. Launch the ball quickly to avoid enemy attack and stay away from the hole.

Play everywhere

Crazy Kick! There are many unique football fields. Not only stadiums but soccer fields can also be located on the roofs of fields or buildings. Each location has its own characteristics and limitations. Suppose farmers make holes in the ground to plant trees in the field. Or if you play on a mountain, you have to play on uneven terrain. If no precaution is required, the ball can go straight to the edge. It brings a lot of interesting experiences for players and eliminates boredom if they play in only one place.


Originally voodoo games always give players a reason to play comfortably and have fun playing the addictive nature easily. With Crazy Kick! It is considered a very good entertainment game for football lovers. You can play anywhere, to relieve stress after a hard day's work. Have fun