College Brawl เล่น เป็น ผู้หญิง APK 1.4.2 APK

College Brawl เล่น เป็น ผู้หญิง APK 1.4.2 Download latest Version

App By:
1.4.2 for Android
Updated On:
Mar 07, 2023
46.8 MB
Required Android:
9.0 and up

College Brawl เล่น เป็น ผู้หญิง APK - You play as Ken (main story) or Anko (alternative story).

Ken - Your friend has been attacked by a gang called the Red Cats. The choice is yours whether you can recover what was taken from you.

Anko-Someone seems to have struck a deal with the gang to make a XXX video of you. It wasn't you who witnessed the attack on your classmate. Is it possible to save your friends from this evil gang?

College Brawl is a game where you play Ken, a college student who is trying to help his friend. While battling against red cats who are tough girls, you must move across various campuses.

When you first start the game, you only have basic fighting skills and a limited amount of resources. The battle awards you earn throughout the game can be spent on improving your character and weapon.

To win the game, you must level up yourself since the opponents get tougher as the game progresses. Play this brawl game and have fun!


Graphics in cartoon style

This game has cartoonish graphics. It might seem a bit cartoonish to you. When paired with realistic background noise, everything looks perfect. Images of the characters and their surroundings

Engage with girls

It is possible to make friends on campus. The first step is to make friends with girls. On campus, you'll find tons of hot models in need of help, so start a conversation to make friends with them. Later, you might meet up with the girls.

Controls are smooth

Controls are smooth and easy to understand. The game requires only a few keys to play. It may be necessary to combine all your strength when you are lying in bed and fulfilling your needs. You can also adjust the buttons and customize the controls.

Gain/Restore Health Points

In order to get more health points, it must perform well in bed. If you don't wake up for several minutes, your health store will be full. After a fight, your health score will decrease. The fight cannot be won unless you push your opponent to the ground.

Registration is not required

You do not have to share any details or log in information with the game. In the game, you can play as a guest and enjoy all missions without sharing your knowledge. In the game, there are no VIP cards or premium plans. All players have the same options.

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