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1.4.1 for Android
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Nov 11, 2022
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Required Android:
9.1 and up

You'll begin the journey as Ken, a brave college student with a thirst for knowledge. A group called the Kat Group recently looted your friends of everything they had. to assist them in finding their belongings immediately. Each level is harsher than the last, and the battle scenes are difficult. This video game's graphics are blurry. Winning battles, avoiding defeat, and keeping an eye on your health are key components of the gameplay.

The game's mechanics include 26 alphabetical sequences, 6 auxiliary images, and 5 significant levels. As more HP points are taken from an opponent, your persona gains more KI. Use HP points to regain strength. Download the RPG College Brawl to play it.

What is College Brawl Mod Combo Apk?

College Brawl MOD APK is a violent combat arcade with a college theme that can be downloaded for free. You must help your friend regain his possessions by fighting legions of enemies because the infamous mob has grabbed everything.

The leaders and ruthless warriors of the mob are out to get you. You must therefore use your combat skills and firearm upgrades to defeat them. There is more to it than just pointless warfare, and each move counts because there are limited resources. Maintain victories in the battles in order to receive rewards and progress in the quest.

You may download College Brawl MOD APK for Android right now if you're looking for an action game with a complex plot and intriguing gameplay. Download the most recent version in its place to help your colleague reclaim his belongings.


You assume the role of Ken in College Brawl MOD APK android, a student attempting to help a fellow student who is in need. You will move between numerous college campuses as you fight foes out to destroy you.

You start out with some supplies and basic combat abilities. As you progress through the game, collect win rewards so you can use them to buy upgrades for your character and weapons.

Rising above the opposition is crucial because they become more difficult with each stage. Nevertheless, you will have fun when you plan your activities well.


Look at Your Earnings and Health

With each attack from an enemy, your hero's health meter in College Brawl MOD APK android decreases. So make sure to keep an eye on it and use resources to help you recover.

Once you run out of life, the game is over. Keep in mind that resources like tools and weapons are limited; therefore, use them wisely to destroy your opponents. The key is to win all honors and battles in order to eventually defeat the Kat group and become the college hero.

violent boss battles

In the video game, the Red Kat group bosses are fighting it out to the death. Such battles need greater planning and knowledge because they are more difficult than regular opponent engagements.

You must carefully consider your approach if you want to defeat them and thwart their cunning ploys because they have unique abilities and stronger attacks. Major battles provide flavor and make the game more challenging and enjoyable for players.

Characters that are Very Realistic

The inclusion of several individuals with unique characteristics and histories improves the authenticity of this game. Due to the unique distinctive combat methods and skills that each character possesses, the battles become even more unpredictable and exciting. These are what they include:


The protagonist and playable character of the videogame is Ken. a motivated schoolboy who would go to any lengths to defend his friend and defeat the gang.

In Ken's narrative, there are five levels and five deadly foes. Every round, which represents a new school location, becomes more complex as it goes on.

Additionally, there are approximately 26 sexual cartoons and over 3 photographs in these phases. They can be used to replenish KI or increase HP. This increases the gameplay's potential and adds more strategy and complexity.


This woman is a talented warrior and Ken's sister. While you were away, your students came to visit the gang, and Anko felt overpowered. You must step in to save her and disperse the mob. She emanates an aggressive temperament and powerful fighting skills that are advantageous in battle.

During her quest, there are 3 phases and 4 fights, each with a unique specialty. Fight them and help Anko win the battles.

The game's bonus options also include 10 erotic cartoons and 5 photographs. Utilizing resources correctly is necessary to develop your identity and prepare for quests. For instance, if Anko is knocked unconscious, you must raise her again to prevent the enemy from engaging in sexual activity with her.

Gather groceries.

After you defeat your enemies, they will often leave behind goodies like chicken, apples, and seafood. As a result, these foods will affect your Vitality rates, allowing you to fight for a long time. For instance, while eating seafood only adds 1 HP, eating apple increases both HP and KI strength.

Opponents who are destroyed may leave behind food, money, and special items like weapons or armor. You should make use of it to enhance and strengthen your persona. This will enable you to prevail in the conflict at school and take the title.


In conclusion, the most recent version of College Brawl MOD APK is a fun video game that pits players against one another in a battle to the finish. With a variety of battlefields, a customizable avatar, and stunning graphics, this video game is a tonne of fun.

Download the most recent version of College Brawl MOD APK to unlock every level and feature, including unlimited money. You can improve your persona and manage any conflict because of it.