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For those who love football, you know, it's about a Japanese football talent called anime captain Tsubasa Manga and Oozora Tsubasa. Yoga by Manga author Takahashi. The manga series was actually published in 1981, I'm a fan of Itto (Motoki Monma). I was really hoping that this manga anime adaptation even though it ended a long time ago. Dream Team (Mod Menu): Today I called Captain Tsubasa, a football management game on Tsubasa. Utabola Manager is similar, but the real superstar player to gather the players and the ability to use instead Tsubasa manga.

Summary about Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team MOD APK

Name - Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team

Publisher - KLab

Genre - 3D, Football, Online

Latest Version - 2.13.0

Size - 93MB

MOD Features - Unlimited Stamina, Weak Enemies, Enemies Can Not Move/Attack, Enemies No Have Energy

Platforms - Android 4.4

Get over it


This is not a normal football. When Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team game, you are one of the best elements of the game Football Manager, select and turn it into a Japanese role-playing game. Now you will be expanded to a similar level on FIFA Ultimate Mode with the management and presence of players, football matches. However, Captain Tsubasa aims to provide a completely new football experience, a variety of characters, dramatic conflict and manga-style art.

The profit zone is similar to an RPG when choosing moves and with his team on the field, then you will be able to determine whether the replacement small collision. If your striker raises one of the defenders, then you have to decide what to do: salivate, aim straight, or pass on a bold shot to kill their allies. Compare the game to your choice of players as well as the patient, depending on the total opposing player's strengths and weaknesses factors.


Well designed gameplay plus story mode has a dramatic and interesting history. And you feel confident enough to participate in sports in league or online mode. An ideal choice for script, depth, and precision of high-end role-playing game, gamers like the unique football experience Captain Tsubasa want epic stories, gameplay ideology, a little nostalgic feel plus the classic Japanese style game.


Captain Tsubasa: Dream team reminiscent of Tsubasa high school memories. Football matches are best for participating Japanese players, you will feel again from the original manga series. If you play this game, you get the chance to meet competitors Tsubasa and his friends, manga. Genzo, Soda, Misaki, Tsubasa bring those players all Ishizaki to their team.

Three basic data including offensive player, defense and physical. The indicator strategy and the way you have a direct influence on your squad planning. But sometimes that just because some players have less data doesn't mean the player is completely useless. You need to learn so deep that they didn't overlook that potential players didn't want rough ground. For example, Kojiro Hyuga is a player with less data. But he has very high revenue and performance figures. Thanks to Hyuga has the ability to shoot very awesome. But outside of this role, he was quite normal and nothing dangerous.

  • The three figures extracted from the attack are salivary, shot, and near average.
  • The defense includes three tackles, blocks, and blocks.
  • There are two signs of physical strength of a physical player, velocity (speed) and power. These two figures have a significant impact on statistics.

Unlock favorite player card

With Card Unlock (Dream Ball, you sell yourself or the right. Player bookings are divided into 5 types N, R, SR, SSR, and Ur. N is for their players and R-for sale is SR. Card Affected This card is not as valuable as an ordinary player, it has the same name, but it also works as a skill (teach) for multiple players. You can unlock the SSR card only update UR. Radio key players "bug" for your team. Football games out of a situation that we sometimes sell or key team players ". Click on the information to their key players and pick the lock.

The most important thing in this game is Dreamball. The open transfer, business players and their favorite players (SSRs) give you the possibility to the card. Remember, the entire development history every day that you get to Dreamball. In my opinion, you should combine Dreamball every day and month or open all of them at the end of the event, about 5% rarely eligible open rate time.


In a nutshell, Captain Tsubasa: The Dream Team is not very difficult to achieve in a football game. Instructions When you play as master and players to unlock, the functionality comes in detail. But to master the tricks and be in the transfer market, you must return a lot of valuable lessons money and effort. This game is perfect for football and anime lovers. Do not miss the classic game between Tsubasa and his opponents in high school.