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for Android
Updated On:
Apr 29, 2020
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Zuuks Games
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Unlimited Money
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Wow, when you first enter this game you will have a valuable transportation company. How do you do that Download Bus Bus Simulator: Ultimate MOD Unlimited Money and you will have it all.

Introducing Bus Simulator: Ultimate

Bus Simulator: Ultimate - Probably many of you fans of Grand Theft Auto. You may say that this is an interesting game, I do not deny it. As an RPG with great graphics and gripping gameplay, you can travel the underground world and use it independently. So, if one day, instead of playing like real thugs or organizing races, you have to stay behind the wheel of a bus to transport people every day, how would it feel?

Don’t be in a hurry to decide if the job is boring, as it will be more or less an interesting experience that will help you understand the traffic rules of being present every day. So today I present to you a new game from this genre by Zux Games which is just a simulator: Final.

Become a bus driver

Bus Simulator: Ultimate is unlike any other driving game you have ever played. Instead of driving like crazy on every street in the city and chasing adventures with the police, this game will make you a real bus driver. Your job is to deliver the passengers to the desired location while ensuring the safety of the passengers.

Indeed, the car console on your screen is not that difficult to understand. More positively, this is very practical. Players can control the bus thanks to two buttons that adjust the direction of the left corner of the screen. In the right corner of the screen, the manufacturer has designed the lever, gas pedal, and brake pedal which come in the same way as the actual design. The lever helps you drive the vehicle forward or backward for this purpose. In addition, the brakes and throttle also take the speed of the vehicle. To drive a "smooth" car, you have to coordinate the movement very easily and if you do not want to work with the police, you have to follow the traffic laws.

The second thing is just as important: don't forget to use the turn signal every time you turn. The city is very strict, be a conscious traffic partner.

Fast traveler

You should not only drive in a safe way to get from point A to point B but also meet the basic needs of the customer. After driving safely to the bus station, guests respond depending on you. These reviews are social and extremely real. In the Bus Simulator: Ultimate, every evaluation, it is negative or positive batch details. Sometimes you feel uncomfortable with them, but maybe you deserve these decisions.

To get good ratings, you need to improve your driving skills, teach customers the basics, and not break traffic rules. Some functions of the car may satisfy the customer, e.g. For example, turning on the radio on the car, improving the interior, walking safely to the bus station ... There are many 250 modern radio and classic songs that you can enjoy.

Unlock many different cards

Your place of work in many countries of the world: Italy, Germany, Turkey, France ... However, if you are participating in the game for the first time, you can only drive on two main roads. To increase the range of usage, players have to work hard and earn money from hard travelers to unlock new routes. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.


Bus Simulator: Ultimate is an upgrade of Truck Simulator 2018: Europe both in terms of gameplay and graphics. The game provides a beautiful, realistic 3D visual background. This route takes place in the major cities of the world, the same for every extension. The effects of day and night and the various changes in the weather give you the same experience of driving in real life.

In addition, the sound effects are extremely lively and compelling. The sound of the vehicle engine, the sound of the passengers, and the radio are all very realistic sounds. These pictures are very familiar if you travel frequently by bus.

MOD Features

  • Unlimited Money: With the money provided, you can increase the value of your transport company and upgrade vehicles.

If you do not see the amount in the MOD, exit the game and reopen.


Bus Simulator: Ultimate is a game that promotes road safety and behavior at work and has taught me a lot about the rules of driving. While it is impossible to get as excited as a street racing game, this game still ensures entertainment with education for drivers.