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0.1.26 for Android
Updated On:
Nov 11, 2019
App By:
Blade-X Games
Mod Features:
Unlimited Money
Required Android:
Android 4.1

Previous articles, I suggest you start playing the role of grandmother legend, a unique and distinctive style. I play the main character of the game unless you are a warrior that is now a warrior of the grandmother legend. Blade Master (mod unlimited money) RPG X Games is a clear proof of the attractiveness of this game, more about Google Play with more than 75,000 5 star reviews, over 5 million downloads. B if you're looking for do not need to spend time, you can try the game. Believe me, it is very addictive.

Summary about Blade Master MOD APK

Name - Blade Master

Publisher - Blade-X Games

Genre - 2D, Offline, RPG

Latest Version - 0.1.26

Size - 59MB

MOD Features - Unlimited Money

Platforms - Android 4.1

Get over it

A mini-action RPG

One can say that this is the easiest RPG you have ever played with. In general, the role plays require a lot of time spent by the players. You can upgrade the collection of tools and runes, check out the character needs to become included in the vaults. Dive into the game world a lot of things you produce. But with Blade Master, you don't have to do much.

How to keep your finger on the screen and moving by drawing is very easy for this game character. Swords automatically only swords automatically damage them so that your character needs to move the main character monster around enough. Do not forget to avoid enemy attacks. Just another interruption, you can die.

Do not know why you participated in the battle with the main character monster. Just know that you are surrounded by monsters and robots. You must complete the mission to survive and fight against the world.

Monster World Adventure

Blade Master World is full of monsters. You have many different ways. Some monsters use melee weapons, there is a laser fire spray acid or the ability to explode. This allows you to avoid figuring out how to attack all sorts of monsters that need to be sent for their attacks.

The gameplay is pretty simple. But, when you think about the challenges of the game easily, you are wrong. In the first few levels, the monsters are quickly defeated. But at a higher level, it takes a lot of time to defeat the monster. The volume of blood that shows the monster's body is lost about the monster that you tell.

Fight, they can take a few falling leaves on the card. They help you create a second radius, a smaller radius than the main rotation. Meters are three monsters that protect you from the first turn pass.

Hundreds of cards and enemies

In the Blade Master game, you will find hundreds of different cards. Climb your adventure through the jungle, the desert cellar. Your enemies change after each card. Each boss has different abilities, it helps you not always be strange and boring repeat gameplay.

Upgrade your weapons

In addition, stubborn owners are the easiest way to downsize weapons upgrades, to improve their skills and talents. At the closing stage, you will receive coins. Upgrade your weapons to the number of coins. It attacks faster-related movements and more damage. In addition, you can buy new weapons and special characters.

What is Blade Master and Mod?

Unlock weapons and upgrades, there is a lot of demand for money. Sometimes you get stuck in a difficult phase because the weapon is too weak and the enemy is too strong. But you do not have enough money to upgrade, so often play this level. Very easy! Blade Master (MOD Unlimited Money) You can. The MOD version lets you spend money. As a result, you can easily upgrade your weapons, buy your favorite weapons and characters. However, you have to reach the required level of each weapon.

Graphics and sound

Blade Master is a 3D not another role-playing game's graphics you can be attracted by the graphics and big effects of the game. Impressive photos with details designed to be fun. The game selection is from the top-down perspective, help you see the entire map and find out where the enemy appeared.

The sound factor plays into this game for hours. The blade sounds help you think it's really fast. Includes different types of enemies, robots that can reduce the aliens.


Blade Master is a unique and very interesting RPG. I could afford to play for hours. At any level it only takes two minutes, I can have dinner, while drinking coffee or just a cup during the game. The gameplay is very simple, everyone can play with just one finger. But the best fighter, you will have a lot of practice.