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May 13, 2020
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Joey Drew Studios
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You can download and install the Bendy and the Ink Machine APK and OBB files for free on Appstoreaccess. Puzzles and creepy journeys await you. Would you dare to experience and know the story behind it?

Introduction to Bendy and the Ink Machine

Many players believe that Boris and Dark Survival is a small DLC that complements the Bendy and the Ink Machine. Although Joey Drew Studios has no explanation for this as an experienced player, I think they have different stories, although both games have the same graphics and gameplay. To be clear, we’ll explore Bandy and a royal machine with a starting point as a story!


Bendy and the Ink Machine tell the story of Henry, who at one time worked for Joy Drew Studios. Together with his teammates, he produced the most popular cartoon series, Bandy, of that era. However, Henry faced an incident that resulted in him quitting his career and canceling the Bandy series.

Years later, the heads of Joy Drew Studios tried to persuade Henry to write the rest of the story. But when he returned to the old studio, he saw that the place was ruined and that something was amiss. As such, he continued to work but did not know that he had a real dream.


Bendy and the Ink Machine travel are divided into chapters. Each chapter corresponds to a series of activities that you will need to find the answers to the puzzle. Because of this, some secrets have come out.

As you can see, this game has physically interactive gameplay. You control Henry, go to the old studio area, do research, and discover what his old friend Joy Drew once mentioned. Hidden objects and rooms are unlocked during the conversation. But the bottom line is that you need to find a switch to turn on the ink device or find a wrench to remove the case and collect the links.

Sometimes the game gives you some tips on what to do. For example, you could repair a printing press you received for an item, or you could build a defense weapon. So, the script opens slowly and leads you to the bottom of the story. Suspicious threats occur and in particular, they are black royal monsters. You are born with ink on the floor, sometimes behind a bandy cartoon character. Therefore, you need to pay attention to these places so as not to be attacked unexpectedly.

Fear did not stop there

Black ink monsters are part of the fear you face. Creepy laughter, creepy noises, and strange nocturnal noises in the ears are signs that you are in danger.

The reality is that the studio is a nightmare. Any machine can be a monster that automatically controls and attacks you. Sometimes switching off the device can be switched off, sometimes not. Because this machine can be manipulated profoundly.


The graphics of the Bendy and the Ink Machine underline the scary aspect of the game. The design is housed in a completely abandoned studio, with machines and corridors without the shadow of people. The peace and darkness created an already horrible scene with horrible sounds that sometimes scream. Has anyone died here? If not, what would Henry do once he made the master cartoon a real nightmare?


If you are looking forward to some exciting, exciting, and sensational experience, Bendy and the Ink Machine will give you satisfaction. You will soon be fascinated, as the game's protagonist, Boris, and Dark Survival are also involved in this horror trip. But she's no longer her real self, finding the beautiful Boris again and finding Joy Drew Studios again!