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1.1.3 for Android
Updated On:
Jan 10, 2023
119.11 MB
Required Android:
9.0 and up
Role Playing

The app game puts you in charge of watching a series of cameras located in a back alley. Keeping an eye on the area and preventing crimes is your responsibility.

Throughout the feed, you'll see a variety of disturbing and unsettling events. You might see shadowy figures lurking in the darkness, or you might see strange and unsettling rituals being performed. In order to prevent these crimes from happening, you'll need to stay alert and use your wits.

Throughout the game, the stakes will rise and the dangers will increase. Stay alive and protect the people in the alley from the horrors lurking within its shadows by using all of your skills and cunning.

App offers a thrilling and suspenseful experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat as you try to prevent crimes and survive mounting terror.

What Does It Do?

You will love this app if you enjoy spy games. A number of unique features are included in this game. As a security guard, you will be watching CCTV footage as a watcher.

At the beginning, the player takes on the role of a security guard. While doing his job, whenever he gets bored, he watches prerecorded videos of CCTV cameras.

In terms of gameplay, the game becomes intense when you start watching the pre-recorded footage and now you need to make quick decisions in order to progress.

A 4K+ pixels animation game created using live 2D animation. In this game, you can explore 12 amazing locations thanks to the developer's hard work.

The game has many interesting features, and each location is designed with live 2D experiences, so you'll be amazed when you begin playing it.


App story is investigation-centred, and it explores a variety of tales, some scarier than others. The game takes place in a crime-ridden city where you play as an officer of the law. Checking camera footage at crime scenes is part of your responsibilities for the safety of everyone in the city.

It is based on a recent crime scene, the back alley, from which the game's name is derived. You soon discover that the crime is more complicated than you ever imagined as you watch surveillance footage. In order to solve this case, you'll need to use all your smarts.

Watching footage and interacting with other characters in the game is necessary to play your role. You should be careful while carrying out your tasks, since there are many dangerous elements here that are willing to attack you.

The app can also be considered a spy game. When he gets bored at work, the main character streams prerecorded camera recordings, but he discovers more than entertainment. Upon stumbling upon gruesome happenings, he decides whether to investigate them further.

In the world, crimes are often veiled or covered up. This app exposes you to the unavoidable world of crime, including racial and gender-based crimes.


Here are some of the features of the Android app that you will experience before you start playing it:

Play an adventurous game:

The latest version of the app revolves around spy and crime time gameplay. As soon as you begin playing the game, you will feel as if you are the real detective protecting people's lives.

There will be videos of the crime scene that contain heartbreaking scenes that you will need to watch. You will then have a location and need to solve the mystery of the crime scene. As a result, you will observe yourself acting as a spy or detective.

Rewards for free:

Whenever you play a game, you should see what you get once you reach a certain level.

The Android app gives you an unlimited number of diamonds that can be used to purchase tools and other items.

CCTV cameras, computers, and other upgraded items make up these supporting items.

Design of an interesting environment:

The entire game is designed in 2D, so it gives the impression of a live 2D environment. The Back Alley Tales APK is a game that will fit all your interests if you are looking for one where you can enjoy a real-life environment and are not into 3D effects.

Animation for beginners:

In the latest version of the app, there are different modes to choose from. There are 12 basic modes available, each with 50 short animations. It is also here where you will find some of the female characters that you must keep happy in the game.

Various events can be accessed:

Different events are available in the games, and you can access them all. You should work on your skills if you want to be able to take part in all of the events. Because it can only be unlocked once you are good at playing the game that is how efficient you are in it.

Stories with different characters:

The game revolves around four female characters and four different stores. Watching the stories requires careful attention. You can use screen effects to watch your characters closely when playing the game.

Final Thoughts

This App for Android devices is another amazing one. It's great that you have this ultimate apk with you, and on top of that, you have the premium version 1.1.3 of this apk. Have fun by following the above-mentioned instructions.

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