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Jun 17, 2020
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Avast Software
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Download Avast Antivirus (MOD Premium Unlocked) to clean up junk files and remove viruses on your Android device with just one click.

Introduction to Avast Antivirus

Viruses are one of the problems that Android users are most concerned about using the Internet. Nowadays, websites often hang ads and sometimes malicious code that harms Android devices. If this doesn't work anymore, the device won't work easily anymore. Batteries are declining rapidly, data fees are rising abnormally, process functions are a sign of identity, or worse, personal information is being stolen.

If you don't want to be among the sick, you need to stop these threats before they happen. Avast Antivirus is a tool to solve this problem. According to statistics, the app has more than 100,000 active users. You might hope to miss it!

Don't worry too much about viruses

Avast Antivirus prevents malicious software or viruses that link hackers from accessing certain websites to your device. This creates a solid fire that can stop and destroy your phone causing problems. From there, you can safely run content across the Internet and even other apps already installed on your phone.

The app has a built-in smart scanner, which can scan all files and folders on the device, including hidden files and junk files for threats. After that, the notification is brought back to the screen and all you have to do is press the clean button to free the device's memory to finish the task.

Speed ​​up your phone

Junk files fill up memory and make the device part of the missing space. The main reason is that RAM and ROM take up too much space. They play the role of reading and writing data for the operation of applications. So if they can’t read and write data, it leads to crashes or delays.

Most of the time, the app contains data (also known as implicit functions) in RAM whenever it exists. So if you want your device to work fast. With Avast Antivirus, tasks are easier and more intuitive than ever before. Just click the Boost RAM button and all the problems will be fixed in a few seconds.

Data security when accessing the web with a VPN

Nowadays, a lot of content is hidden on the internet because it suits the culture of some countries or is geographically limited. Avast Antivirus has integrated VPN into its application and you can find all the content you want. In addition, your browsing activities and lugs are not recorded, which hides the IP address information and location to help protect privacy. Be confident about the quality because Avast Software does not intend to provide poor service.

Protecting personal information

If you have sensitive data like photos or video clips that everyone wants to see, hide it and create a password for Photo Vault. If some apps like Messenger, Message, Facebook, or WeChat have personal information and you don't want anyone to access it without their permission, set a password using the app's feature. I think you've thought about it, but there's no solution. But now it's fast and easy to use.

No one wants to steal your phone. Personal data may be uploaded, deleted, or stolen for malicious purposes. Avast Antivirus was developed with an additional anti-theft protection function to avoid potential harm. You can set the settings in the Anti-Thief section so that the PIN code is automatically activated to lock the device (can only be used if the correct PIN code is entered) and block data changes on the SIM card and the lost function Turn on. At this point, the volume is maximized, the buzzer makes a constant noise and the camera automatically takes photos of the thief. If you're using Cloud and you're already connected, you can log in to your Cloud and retrieve media files, including photos and videos.

MOD Premium version of Avast Antivirus

MOD Features

  • Unlock Premium Features
  • Camera trap
  • Locating your phone
  • Sim security
  • Apps Lock
  • Remove Ads
  • Direct support from Avast


Avast Antivirus is a small but very useful application. You can easily check it by checking other users' reviews, number of downloads or rating on Google Play