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Apr 22, 2020
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Attack On Titan TACTICS (MoD Freeze Enemies) will launch this year's strategy card game. The game has been developed by Dena large mobile portal operators and a very large e-commerce site in Japan. And so far they are both animation and this game. The product had great success.

Summary about Attack On Titan TACTICS MOD APK

Name - Attack On Titan TACTICS

Publisher - DeNA

Genre - 3D, Online, Simulation, Strategy

Latest Version - 1.6.22

Size - 65MB

MOD Features - Freeze Enemies

Platforms - Android 5.0

Get over it

Dena Namba Tomoko was made in Tokyo, Japan on March 4, 1999. In the anime anxiety production industry, you've probably seen anime hit Shingeki like Bahamut Idolmaster. Games on the mobile platform, and for this year, they say the games created by the gaming community, such as Pokemon Master, is a Mario Kart tour. Game on you today I attack Isayama Hajime support no titanium strategy for the introduction of Kyojin Shingeki games popular manga series. Now, let's get some interesting information about this game.


Plot titanium strategy attacks completely because of the manga. This means that you may experience the feeling of destruction that the battlefield and humanity threatened to overthrow the Titans.

100 years ago, humanity was attacked with titanium brunt and extinction. And the three solid layers of survivors are a stronghold of people's lives in massive attacks. Nearly a century of peace later, the titan's maria went bone through the wall below. The existence of the threat to human life again and unfortunately Eren and his mother Mikasa witness were eaten right before their eyes. Eren decided to destroy all the titanium species.

The popular manga series has ended with the fall season, and the story to be adjusted comes from the remaining 3 and will be in the last part. I'm also a big fan of the popular cartoon series. My favorite characters are Mikasa Ackerman and Anne Leonhart. During the next chapter of the series published on January 9, 2020, you can use the extinction tragedy to threaten humanity to save the game in partnership.


Attack On Titan TACTICS the card game with a strategy. The only contradiction in the game Royal, there is a gas called energy bar. On the battlefield, you have to call your characters to fight the Titans. Its main task is to protect the wall. The wall fails its mission if it is destroyed.

Build your team

Attack On Titan TACTICS lets you build your own choice and create maps to complete your own deck. However, there are seven cards in a deck, you need to understand the impact of each card. In addition to the eligible business card, the card card number supports stunts with various effects stage.

Each card can activate special skills. When the mind is often fully charged, you can use your special skills. The special abilities of the cards are very different and can not resemble, some titanium, can not rotate to attack power, ... this kind of increase will help to make it more tactically.

Some tips for beginners

I also have some tips to experience the game and new players. Alicization Rising Steel Track, Sword Art Online:: Defrag Memory or Fat / Great Online Sword commanded as an art of this. Thus it is, the strength of the recipe must be able to strengthen the card in the first place: the recipe system. At the first task and 5-star character, then fill in to get the newbie task mark.

Graphics and sound

Attack On Titan TACTICS graphics, which titanium games while other attacks are not at the top. However, the advantages of this game is not the graphics, but the sound. The character's voice is voiced by seiyuu titanium on enemy attack. Eren Yeager was expressed by Kaji Yuki, Mikasa Ackerman gave Ishikawa Yui, Shimamura Yu is the appearance of Anne Leonhart, voiced by Levi Hiroshi Kamiya. How do you feel that the original anime series is enjoyed?


Attack On Titan TACTICS is a really exciting game for me. The plot, gameplay, and sound are all great. Not only that, when the game was launched, it was cooperating but a later English version for Dena's published Crunchyroll-backed Japanese support players. This is an article on Happy New 2020 a year ago on this last day!