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Mar 21, 2020
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Can you believe it I'm just starting Asphalt 8: Airborne (Unlimited Money) - an old Gameloft game. I still remember this company launching Asphalt 9 last year, but I have a few reasons to rate this game, but most importantly, there are still many players playing.

The composition of this article may be slightly different from the usual notation. I will focus on comparing asphalt 8 with its subsequent asphalt 9. And here are the reasons why there are so many players currently in Asphalt 8.

The network can play without connection

This is an important reason. In order to play, Asphalt 9 players need to be connected to the network and that too limits the limits. Not all players are allowed to play asphalt 9, so asphalt 8 would be a better option.

Great graphics, many old phones can still be played

Asphalt 9's graphics are considered by experts to be the most beautiful in the series. Of course, the configuration of mobile devices has constantly improved, so the games that will be released later, of course, are worthwhile. But what if you're using an old mobile device? It's still pretty good and can play top racing games like asphalt 8.

Talk a bit about graphics. Asphalt 8 has 3D graphics with a high level of detail. The effects of fire and explosion are very good and surprising. Aside from the weather effects and timing, the landscape of the track is beautiful. In particular, the engine sound is recorded from a real car, giving players a real and refreshing feel.

The system of supercars in the game will be reproduced on a real basis so that players will still feel the integrity of the game and the huge investment of the game company. The Ford Mustang is not far away when it comes to cars like the Chrysler ME412 (Chrysler ME four-bar), Ferrari FF, Ford 2006 GT, Mercedes CLK GTR, Mercedes SLS AMG, 2015.

Play the game

Asphalt 9 inherits gameplay from Asphalt 8, so there aren't many differences in the gameplay of these two versions. Easy to use in-game through storyline gameplay. Next, you can explore all the possibilities of this game.

The control mode doesn't change much. Still a simple touch on the normal screen.

Which makes asphalt 8 a good option

Asphalt 9 forces users to connect to the network, and it can be said that it is "very expensive", though it is free. To play free of charge, winning for payment is the right word to talk about 9. While Asphalt 9 players may have to spend money, Asphalt 8 is a completely offline game. As such, you will benefit in several ways:

  • No internet connection, no internet fee when playing.
  • It takes less battery
  • Asphalt 8 MOD is easy to download and install, especially for Asphalt 8 MOD APK, players will have many benefits like free shop, endless money or unlocked supercar ... that's great, right?

Overall, Asphalt 8: Airborne has rarely changed compared to the previous game, but Asphalt 9 doesn't change much. Courage for the philosophy and the traditional gameplay of racing games. You won't be disappointed with Asphalt 8: Airborne, it's still one of the best mobile phone racing games.