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Jun 25, 2020
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Art of War: Legions (MOD Unlimited Money) is the best-known version of the art of the War series from Publishing House 10P Studios. What would you expect in this game strategy game?

Introduction About the Art of War: Legions

Strategy games have long been popular. It attracts a large number of players because of the amazing gameplay, which is not as loud and complex as the RPG genre, but it can keep you off the screen for hours. Art of War: Legions agree with what I have mentioned. In particular, we will examine later in the article.


Art of War: Legions As you play, you become a commander, bring your army into the game and defeat the enemy army. In each level you vary in the number and units of warriors.

Of course, over time the enemy becomes stronger, so before you start the fight you need to carefully prepare strategies and units and put them in the right position. I usually chase archers because they can attack from a distance when the pastor, army, and hero units block an opponent's train.

Initially, the battlefield was small, with a maximum of nine units (including troops, not including heroes). However, as the level increases it expands so you can generate more power.

Hero collection

Although it is a strategy game, you have no chance of winning if your armed forces are too weak. Therefore, the presence of heroes completes this. They are very strong and have special personal skills. You can touch the icon at the bottom of the screen to use it for recovery after each wait.

Where can you find a hero? Stay in cards or hero boxes and you have to buy them with gems.

What kind of hero is he? There are three types: rare, epic, and mythical. At the same time, there is also a division of power and rarity when opening those cards. Great heroes are the strongest. You have better statistics, but you have to spend a lot to get it.

What about power? Not only military units but also heroes contributed to the strategy of the game. For example, the Bull Monster King - Minotaur, they have more aggressive figures that can increase the security of all soldiers. And shorter life - green can increase HP for allies during combat. Depending on the chosen strategy, choose the right hero to get a chance to win.


Army and hero units can be upgraded. Depending on the strategy, however, their overall use is different. The hero has a separate upgrade interface that helps increase the effectiveness of individual abilities, including defense and attack statistics. Military units can only be upgraded if you are preparing to fight. You have to buy units and then assemble them. In the worst case, when the Army loses, you have nothing, you have to buy back and upgrade from level 1. With Barracks, however, you can do this quickly. They will do all the units of the same rank at once. Both processes involve coins and gems.

Task system

Art of War: Legions has a bonus search system. You will receive coins and gems whenever you do. They are used to recruit units in combat or to buy cards in the store to get heroes. The system is unlocked at level 15. But at the moment "Snow Adventure" and "Desert Treasure Hunt" are just two parts. Each of them has five challenges, you can beat them all and come back many times.

You also need to be successful in battles to complete daily tasks. For example, destroy 50 archers, use the hero's skills 10 times, upgrade units, or complete challenges on the field.

About the MOD version

MOD function

  • Unlimited Money: Coins and gems are just two currencies in the game. In particular, gems are a high-end currency. You can get it only through Quests or buy them for cash. In APK mode, Appstoreaccess makes your upgrade process much easier and faster. In particular, when you open the game, you find a lot of coins and gems.


Art of War: Legions is a simple, elegant military strategy game that will easily captivate you for hours. Boring time will end when you download this game to your Android device.