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Alight Motion v4.0.4 APK 4.0.4 Download for Android

App By:
Alight Creative, Inc.
4.0.4 for Android
Updated On:
Sep 01, 2022
141.32 MB
Required Android:
9.1 and up

We have the best application for budding graphic designers, videographers, and animators! Alight Motion for Android is a remarkably straightforward and user-friendly piece of software for usage with videos and animations.

In fact, having your editing abilities with you everywhere you go is more than enough of a reason to use this program! Mobile working is possible. Anywhere that isn't on your desktop or laptop, including school, the office, your couch, and other locations. As a result, you can work on your video creations wherever.

  • several graphical, audio, and video layers
  • Support for both vector and bitmap (edit vector graphics directly on your phone!)
  • 160+ fundamental effect components that can be used to create complex visual effects
  • All options have keyframe animation accessible.
  • Connect parent and child layers, then rig the character joints.
  • cameras with pan, zoom, and focus-blur and fog-support
  • Using groups and masks
  • Color correction
  • A smoother animation for the motion: You can create your own timing curves or choose from presets.
  • bookmarks to make editing easier
  • blurry motion depends on the velocity
  • Export stills, PNG sequences, GIF animation, and MP4 video.
  • Transmit project files to others
  • Effects of the gradient fill with solid color
  • Effects for borders, shadows, and strokes
  • Custom font support
  • entire layers or just their style, then paste them
  • Save your preferred components for quick reuse in upcoming projects.

Final Thoughts

What prevents you from downloading the Alight Motion Apk to your device right now, then? You shouldn't have a cause for that. In actuality, it ought to have been on your phone from the start.

Anyway, we heartily endorse this program for animators, designers, editors, and videographers of all levels. Any new users can become familiar with the software quickly because of its ease of access. Additionally, the features and tools provided will be recognizable to people who have experience with animations and video editing.

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