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Agent A: A puzzle in disguise in Costume APK was released in 2018 and has drawn a large number of loyal fans. It has also been rated as the "Best Game on Google Play 2018".


Agent A: A puzzle in disguise action in falls into the category of adventure, in which the player turns into a secret agent. The only task is to infiltrate the enemy's secret hiding place and stop these evil plans. If you like rescue action games that bring suffocating tidal moments, you should not miss this game


Agent A: A puzzle in disguise opens the atmosphere of films from the 80s, in which the players turn into members of an anti-government organization. The story begins when the director of the organization, Ermin Skies, is assassinated and you are ordered to stop a female spy from the enemy Ruby La Rose group. As a member of the organization, you can not just escape the enemy. You will work under Agent A, find and stop Ruby Lager's plans.


The player's only job is to find and catch Detective Ruby La Rouge. First, the player is ordered to chase him. After finding you, you can enter Ruby's secret hiding place. To destroy his plan, the player will have to collect hidden objects to complete the card. Use this map to unlock more new areas. Try to win and defeat La Rouge before you complete your plan.

Although it is an action game, it is more intellectual and requires players to deal with dexterity and dexterity in many situations. There are numerous puzzles with different styles in which the player may have to find the right object (e.g. a magnet to suck the bottom of the aquarium), or many puzzles in which the player has to constantly perform, but simply, to find it it is necessary to open the balcony door. Is.

In particular, the game has a large number of puzzles and they work in many different ways, in which players must be extremely careful to find the smallest details that reveal the screen (e.g. to set the right height for a bonsai pot. Whether it's a clock to get the right time and minute hand or radar to run the right color, etc. Some of the puzzles require the player to see the surrounding area. Su, but many do not Agent A: A puzzle in disguise is slightly reminiscent of a puzzle that continent, in which players need to accumulate things with the right kind of machines in which puzzles.

Escape with a new style, new challenges

Agent A: A puzzle in disguise offers you exciting action movies with 5 chapters, in which players can explore the world on an 80's theme. It has a unique style with many references. Hundreds of puzzles based on retro-future, hidden gizmos and logic.

You may find it easy in the first few chapters, but I warn you, the truth is not so. Ruby La Rose is very smart and smart. If you are not careful, you will easily fall into the labyrinth of confusing puzzles. You will be surprised if you are a cat or a mouse in this cat and mouse game. To explore more than 35 environments with over 150 different puzzles, you'll definitely have to "migrate" to overcome them. Special Agent A: A puzzle in disguise also has more than 30 achievements for players and can easily share achievements with other players.

The graphics are nice and creative

The graphics of this game are also appreciated when designing a very detailed atmosphere with a modern style. The main color to create a sense of mystery is nice (mostly purple, black) which is vague according to the criteria of the game. It all combines unique sounds and catchy tunes, helping to provide players with more interesting game experience. For example, every time a footprint appears, the character's movements increase the feeling of suspicion.

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One could say that Agent A: A puzzle in disguise is an interesting game that no one who likes the puzzle genre can ignore. It includes very challenging, creative puzzles with an excellent atmosphere of old spy movies.