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May 01, 2020
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Free WARP+
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Access speed is an important issue for any VPN user. (Free WARP) application was developed to solve open problems that give people headaches.

Introduction of

Finding an app that provides VPN services like Express VPN, Siphon Pro or Panda VPN Pro is not very difficult. However, sometimes you feel dissatisfied because the speed of speed access is not very high or there are not many exciting functions. Why not try It is provided by Cloudflare, which is known for its DNS service and content distribution on the Internet. Let’s see why their first app is outstanding and attracts more than 5 million users?

Very fast speed with WARP

Excellent speed has the advantage of over any other VPN application. Cloudflare integrates WARP, a VPN service that implements WARP technology with excellent customization options. Instead of hiding your original IP address to create a separate network tunnel, WARP simply encrypts the terminal traffic between your device and the Cloudflare, and at the same time creates a protective layer to prevent any external threat. Thanks for that, the speed has improved.

The protocol used is also important. It deals with the speed and performance of data transferred between the browser/application and receives responses from this server. WARP is based on the UDP protocol that Cloudflare has optimized for mobile devices. Data packets are sent and received without complex verification.

There is no bandwidth limit when using WARP to access the Internet, while the standard traffic provided by Cloudflare is limited. If it expires, you will no longer be able to use it. In this case, you can share the app with your friends to get unlimited traffic of 1 GB un 4.99 per month or upgrade to your premium version.

What if you don't use WARP? The app also has a completely free connection. However, the very access to the Internet is very slow because the protocol is not really optimized. The connection is also fully encrypted. Instead of just encrypting it from your device to a cloud fair server like WARP, it takes more time.


As you know, Cloudflare is a leading global DNS network with reliable security. Use this available resource to protect yourself from external hazards.

One thing is very clear: if you go anywhere, there are also free WiFi spots, and the warning is not fixed. These WiFi broadcast routers are not really secure and no one is responsible if one day hackers visit your device, collect sensitive information (email accounts, bank accounts), or install tracking software. Remove it by enabling the VPN connection. Limited queries and suspicious requests for information are blocked by the DNS encryption layer and the WARP shell layer. Cloudflare carries out such attacks for you and processes them automatically.


If you don't want to show anyone in your browsing history, help All desired traces, data, or search logs are completely deleted from the device, including cookies and sessions that receive a query between the device and the server. In addition, websites or applications that you use frequently are created and cannot advertise this trace (because there is no cookie anymore).

However, if you do not want to delete everything after turning off the VPN, you can schedule it after a certain time, e.g. B. After 3 hours or a week.

Browse apps and games

VPNs are not only used for web browsers, but you can also use it to play games, but in some countries, they have a limited version or they want a simple game speed.

This demand is of great interest and is evidenced by 5-star ratings on Google Play. I have also seen the effect of 1 ... 1.2.201 performance. Cloudflare has a large network of servers worldwide. When you connect to the Internet, the app launches in Hong Kong and then in the US. Instead of sending and receiving data from a regular WiFi network from Singapore traveling on, it automatically detects the nearest CloudFair server, so download the transfer time connected and reduced. Say goodbye to the terrible situation that your experience is not doing so well.

MOD version of

MOD function

  • Free battle

How do I get unlimited data?

  • Install the original version of the application on your phone.
  • Download and install the Cloudflare plugin.
  • Open and go to Settings => Advanced => Diagnostics.
  • Make a copy of your ID (not a public ID).
  • Switch.
  • Paste your ID into the Cloudflare plugin. Click Start. You get 2GB.
  • Repeat this several times (every 1 minute).
  • Open and check your data.


If you want a super-fast VPN service, consider first. If you want a high level of security and data security, this app also meets your needs. The app provides the best services for you and is completely free.