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Jan 14, 2020
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Android 5.0

World Flippers APK is an action RPG game developed from the Pinball game, Cygames. This is a very well-known Japanese publisher, you can record your performances as demanding because of Shadowvers such as the Grand Blue Sky fantasy compass ...

Summary about World Flipper APK

Name - World Flipper

Publisher - Cygames

Genre - 2D, Action, Offline, Online, RPG

Latest Version - 1.30.0

Size - 40MB

MOD Features - No

Platforms - Android 5.0

Cygames Development Studio for Android, iOS, Browser, Console Platform. 2011 Cygames CyberAngent founded in Sumusu Fujita Run, a parent company. And e-commerce company Dena owns 24% of the property in 2012 plus several anime series and generates a lot of accolades. Grand Blue Fantasy Animation Shingeki As no Bahamut, Zombie Land Saga can refer to friends of mystery.


The world is a very complicated story. It's not just about one character, but the story is made up of several characters. See many different world mystery events where many set backgrounds. And you and other characters will discover these secrets. Behind each character, there are many secrets to come out of their world. You will find them and defeat the enemies of their world. Your group consists of three members. Recruitment and a team can destroy the threat to human life because the cruel monster has more members.

New gameplay

The word pinball is no stranger to you. It is associated with many people in childhood. Not only Pinball but also Sweeper, Solitaire Spider invite the legendary game from Microsoft's first Windows version.

And now Cygames has departed in their latest game and used pinball. In particular, we no longer have to use monsters and shoot the ball. The balls will sign if you fight it against the enemies ahead. The gameplay is very new and unique. For this reason and to explore more precisely, you should share your feelings by commenting on World Finns and putting them at the end of the article.

Map steps were changed

The World Flipper is characterized by its new gameplay and terrain variety. With each level of the environment will change, you have the right target skills. Hard levels in order to save them warriors area monster found many obstacles. Even the monsters are very strong, then you will probably have a good character upgrade system in this game.


The developers really care about the players. They place 25% star characters, 4 stars 5% open 5 percent. Strong character can be because of the really incredible ratio easy unlock. And above all finishes a lot of world characters, but the popular anime game Honkai Effect 3. In addition, the game will create a combo system, so as to add many characters and release major damage, which is not shown as an analogy.

In addition to the game characters for the first team supporting character. Each supporting character has different effects, so you can create your own strategy. Equipment, Run system, update helps your characters.


World Flipper graphics are very well crafted. The game is a simple combination of pixel graphics and 2D graphics. Home, 2D characters are very nicely dressed, but war, they have been made by pixel graphics. It's also something new that was the reason for a new experience in Cygames players.

Some damage

Currently, World Flippers is English, but not just Japanese support. It does not know the Japanese people, but the country will be deeply investigated and the main obstacle to the game's features. The next thing is not the characters are completely voiced. The new update is expected to release the developer's English version with character features and voice.


World Flipper is a really interesting RPG action game. Not only that, the conspiracy gameplay and graphics have not evolved like any other game. Sporting facilities and the time it takes for an adventure. Let them fight to find the characters and help you protect their world, the world.