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Two Horns APK 1.3.0 Herunterladen für Android 2024

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1.3.0 für Android
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Nov 23, 2023
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9.0 and up

Two Horns APK is the perfect game for those who enjoy anime games but want more freedom. Find out why it's so cool.

You can now play the game of your dreams on Android. Due to the fact that Two Horns - Living in the Town with Ogres is primarily a PC game, Android users are not able to play it.

The anime fan always gets what he or she wants. Those who are interested in playing Two Horns can now download the Android version thanks to Pink Cafe Art.

The purpose of this article is to introduce Two Horns, as well as provide instructions on how to download Two Horns APK.


There is a story set in the local city "Oniga-town"

This town has a legend about ogres since ancient times. On the other side of the street you met a girl with two horns on her head. A mysterious "Club" is handed to her, and she is told to use it to catch her sister. One of the biggest features is "Anything Goes!" You can create main scenarios and many different subquests. It is possible to attack not only the main characters but also the NPCs who walk around the town. Make the trapped girl look pretty by running around naked, sneaking into the women's bathroom, and dressing her up. You can discover your own play style on your own.

New Features:

  • Support for multiple languages (English / Japanese).
  • The subquest "Operation Jailbreak" has been added.
  • A new subquest has been added entitled "Mother of the Sisters."
  • There is a new area called "Oniyama Prison" added.
  • A new hair color, costume, and face type has been added.
  • Mini events and bug fixes have been added.

What’s new:

  • A total of three new sex scenes have been added.
  • A menu option has been added that allows players to switch on/off male NPCs.
  • A new set of mini-events has been added.
  • The start of some events can only be triggered by male NPCs. There are now male NPCs on all maps.
  • The cross-sectional view "X-Ray Scope" has been added.
  • You can buy it from "Ami Makihara".
  • A few bugs have been fixed.
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