Night Shift Nurse APK V1.0

Night Shift Nurse APK V1.0 1.0 Herunterladen für Android 2024

1.0 für Android
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Nov 24, 2022
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9.0 and up

If you are bored playing the same simulation games like Another Girl In The Wall APK, Naruto Shinobi Lord APK and Taffy Tales Apk, then this game is specially made for you. You can play with doctors and other nurses from this game all night. 

Old doctors will help you build relationships with new patients and other Hospital Staff so that you can work efficiently around them without inconvenience. Doctors will teach you how to connect with your co-worker, especially with patients. 

In the training period, nurses go through all the challenging work and make it easy to spend time with people and make every work as easy as their regular day job. By doing this, nurses will keep the flow as like it before.

They will find what's wrong with the system and make it right to run the hospital carefully and give appropriate solutions to the management.

Whenever patients are hard to control, the staff and the nurses nurture them and make things normal with patients. Other hospital Staff will help you do things accordingly, but you'll have to make things as before.

If you are patient, then you saw the hottest nurse in the world because you have never seen this type of nurse all over in your life before.

Just be calm and enjoy the game because you'll shake, sweat, and have a racing heart.


In this game, you can make your own creator; if you want to be a nurse, you can choose a character according to your choices, and if you want to play as a patient, then make a character according to your choices.

The game will start after choosing a pre-default character, and then the story will continue; as the gameplay continues, you see a lot of questions and answers, and you'll always have two choices to become a part of this game. Like other games you played before, If you clear and level up your game, you see yourself with new and exciting characters and places all over the game. No, that is interesting, but also fantastic gameplay you'll ever play in your lifetime. 


Choose your Character: You can create your avatar, Eg. Nurse, Patient, Staff, and the list will go on.

Make Up Your Character: You can create and make this character according to your perspective; you can choose and make your character wonderfully awesome.

Pick things according to character: Choose small things with the character that suits you. E.g., stethoscope, White doctor suit, Shoes, and the list will go on according to your current game level.

Unlock New rooms: By leveling up your games, you can unlock rooms with money you have collected from the game so far, or you can buy coins from your wallet and collect them as coins and buy the rooms and other things.

Collect Gem points/money: You can collect gems and coins according to your game level.

If you spend a lot of time in this game, you'll know that your experience will go high and things will improve.


Note: This game is highly addictive if you are going to play this game all day and night.

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