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Apr 29, 2020
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Qookka Games
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Call of Duty was always the most exciting melee game on mobile devices until the Area F2 APK was released. Don't miss this great game, download it, and enjoy the best experience.

Introduction of Area F2

Real movement and impact

Dealing with physical movement is the most important phase of the shooting game. First, you are comfortable and the players feel really immersed and participate in the atmosphere of the game. The second is that it reflects the brutality of the ongoing wars.

Area F2 comes out in this regard. You can feel how each character breathes, how their legs move forward, or how explosive bombs sound and cause destruction. I was overwhelmed by this questionable, elaborate design. Kukka Games really knows how to beat fans of the shooting genre.

The training mode is also carefully crafted

For other shooting games, only the instructions are written with a brief description of the features in the control room. Area F2 made a difference, however, when the developer decided to add a training mode. This mode is used to guide players and help them understand the elements of combat. This scene is for everyone from beginners to professionals. They rely on real-world environments to test their target and reflection skills and can take part in fighting secret counterfeit enemies everywhere.

This is one reason for you to choose Area F2 over other FPS melee!


Area F2 is a playground for real soldiers. Most of the fights here take place in team-up mode between the blue and red teams. In particular, the blue team plays a defensive role and the red team plays an attacking role. Five rounds are corresponding to five digits. In the end, whoever reaches the first 5 points wins.

As one of five members of the defensive team, you will receive special devices depending on the character you choose. I personally like metal shields and some machine guns. Not only could it attack, but it was so solid that the bombs could not penetrate.

For the attacking team, members are free to choose where to attack and are equipped with door openers and AUV detectors to find the area. Send the AUV into the depths of the building for the first 30 seconds and place it in a narrow, wide corner to track down enemies. Of course, you can also take them with you so that whenever you tie a wall or a door, you have a spy who checks to see if there is any danger.

The AUV is truly a nightmare because of its usefulness. However, their movements make noise, making it easier to identify and destroy. In addition, members of the protective team can access the camera installed anywhere inside and outside the building to capture video in real-time. In general, the benefits on both sides are the same. In addition, the role of the game is the swap mechanism to provide a fair chit to all players.


Area F2 is a large field that fills the edges and corners of the screen. It is designed like PUBG and has a virtual analog button on the left and a number of action buttons on the right. This survival game is easy to reach for anyone who has ever played.

In addition, the game also offers custom submissions. You can hide unnecessary actions to get the best look or adjust the frame rate, sensitivity, and sound effects to get the best experience.


Rookie and casual offer PVP 5vs5 match with real players. The difference between them is the mods of play and the number of cards.

Apart from that, there is also a room in the game. Here you can map and choose one of two combat methods: threat removal or demolition. Different options have different rules and different experiences.


There are about 20 sweaters in this game. Each of them is an elite soldier who is brave and full of experience. To get a closer look at their skills, you can follow the armor, speed, and difficulty indicators. Don't forget to choose one of the two roles to help you identify the attacker or defender more clearly. Combat skills and roles will change!

I like the sheriff for me. It is a real hammer and can destroy doors and walls at any time. Also, the targeting technique is very precise with the MS249 and MR1014 two guns.

However, most of these SWATs are not available. To unlock them through events or quests you have to collect coins from battles or prizes. It provides a 7-character package with in-store incentives. Please try it!


If anyone experiences this game, they will remember two things: the drama of the gameplay and graphics is not getting better. Although there is no solid number yet, the Area F2 has attracted millions of players around the world, although it has only been released in a few regions.