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شعبان 27, 1441
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Expansive Worlds
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Unlimited Energy
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theHunter (MOD Unlimited Energy) gives you a chance to become a true hunter. Explore the jungle and hunting animals for dinner by downloading this game to your Android device.

Introduce of theHunter

Let go hunting!

The Layton Lake District was introduced as home to all animals of all shapes and sizes. Ranger Jane, an experienced hunter, will accompany you on this hunt. It gives a brief introduction to where you are going, how to control your weapon and how to use it, and how to hunt your prey.

However, don’t expect to learn anything here. Does Ranger Jane just suggest you figure out what to do to get the balance or where to find your booty for the party? If you don't go to the store and buy a gun, nothing happens right now!

Be a real hunter

theHunter gameplay is carefully crafted to achieve a certain level of authenticity. When you step into the forest you can see many different animals. However, you need to focus on the goals required for the game.

With your weapon, it will not fire a single bullet at the animal's body. You can still get close and bring them home for a family dinner or sell them to make money.

However, if you want to become a professional hunter, pay attention to the small details. For example, if you shoot vital organs such as the head, spine, and lungs, you can lower the animal more easily. The system is based on such factors to obtain a final assessment. However, reaching such positions is often difficult. The characters have intense breathing because they have to move a lot. You need to hold your breath to prevent the attention from vibrating, then aim carefully to get a very accurate shot.

On the other hand, your walk is also important. If you make a noise or see a black bear in front of you, they run ahead and watch. Certainly, the end result will not come more. Although the system provides an animal tracker by placing a light spot on the map, it sometimes doesn't even work. If you want to do your best, you have to look good.

Guns are important!

theHunter has about 100 animals in different sizes. Therefore, weapons should be more appropriate to go into the jungle. You can't keep a gun to kill a black bear. They are large and very strong so they cannot be easily defeated. But a pistol is the best choice for a rabbit or a Neil because it is compact and practical.

So far, Expensive Worlds ABA has updated two new weapons, the Nordin 20 SA Engraved and the Nordin 20 SA Shot Gun, to bring the total weapons in inventory to 18. However, you will have to pay cash or gold to buy. Reach the desired level.

In the end, Hunter's upgrade system is impressive. You can bring Ranger 243 to hunt deer to kill muscular black bears. However, one needs to upgrade to get more performance, reduce repetitions, reduce vibration, or keep more latitude. This is a must-have, for any Affiliate, promoting any program. Surely you do not want other participants to ascend to your throne and grab the gold cup designed just for you!


Wolves, deer, rabbits, bears and many other animals live in this forest. You will be unlocked as you explore the forests and areas of Lake Balmont. The rune that the developer put in the trailer before the start of the game promises you a lot of surprises. It will be unlocked at level 19, and I think you should prepare your weapons and skills for hunting by now. Not only large and rare animals but also meeting points of the best hunters in the world. Remember theHunter has thousands of people competing with each other. So don’t expect relief from your opponent.


Game theHunter in the class. However, the design is pretty much like Sniper 3D for free for developer fun games. It also has slow shooting scenes and the background of 3D graphics is extremely beautiful. Trees, weeds, the sound of the wind, and the animals confidently feel the creation. Sometimes I forget that I fell in bed to experience the game.

MOD version of theHunter

Every hunting trip uses your power. And so you need the MOD version.

MOD function

  • Unlimited energy: If you run out of energy, you can buy more for free. Just click on the energy release symbol and select "Buy".


Forget boring time or noisy action games. theHunter will replace them and give you a chance to enjoy nature. The forest and thousands of animals are waiting for a hunter who loves challenges. Are you ready for the biggest hunting trip on your phone?