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Project Nugget APK 1.0 تحميل لأجهزة الأندرويد 2024

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Project Nugget
1.0 لأجهزة الأندرويد
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The purpose of this report is to provide an overview of the design process for Project Nuggets APK. The report begins with a look at the wireframe design of the system and a summary of the user tests for the wireframe and changes made after the tests. The next step is to look at the mediate design and a short summary of the mediate design user tests. Then the report covers the detailed design prototypes and what changes were made after the user tests for the mediate design.

About Project Nugget APK

The project entails atomizing and democratizing UX research within CCP. This system allows CCP employees to search the database for bite-sized information or "nuggets" easily. Each "nugget" is tagged and processed to make sense of the development process within CCP. Having all these facts, insights, and results at hand will greatly assist in developing hypotheses about UX without prejudice. Not only will it provide insights into statistics regarding UX research within CCP, but it will also provide insights into emotions.

Summary of Requirement Analysis

A requirement analysis was conducted before the design phase. It discussed similar products, user group analysis, the problem at hand, what impact the solution could have, and the cost of inaction. The presentation was very informative and provided a clearer picture of the system the team would be designing. The design preparation was well underway after making assumptions about the system's use, mapping the system, creating a requirement list, and creating lightning demos and four-step sketches.

Prototypes in wireframe

A prototype is used for putting down ideas, getting feedback, and evaluating them. This tool allows stakeholders to interact with the final product and visualize how it will look. Prototyping involves three steps.

  • Low-fidelity prototyping (paper prototypes and wireframes)
  • The screen design or media design (more details, color, fonts, texts, but not as detailed as the final product)
  • Detailed design/High fidelity prototyping (like the final product, but without all the functionality)[1]

A low fidelity prototype is a paper prototype or a wireframe. Low-fidelity prototypes are great because they're cheap and easy to change the look without spending a lot of time. The purpose of low fidelity prototypes is not to keep them and incorporate them into the final product; they are intended to be used to explore ideas. Therefore, the design should be flexible and encourage exploration and modification [2]. The team decided to create wireframes exclusively because of COVID-19. The wireframe design was a visual guide that represented the website's skeletal framework. There were no colors or graphics in it because it was made in Figma. A picture of the wireframes can be found in chapter 2.1.


The design process for Project Nugget APK involved a thorough exploration of wireframe design, mediated design, and detailed design prototypes. Through user testing and feedback, we identified areas for improvement and made necessary changes to enhance the overall functionality and user experience. The rigorous design approach taken throughout this project ensured that the final product met the highest standards of quality. It provides users with a seamless and enjoyable experience.

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