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PPSSPP Gold APK is the best PSP emulator (PlayStation Portable) for Android. Google Play offers this app in 93.98. In this article, however, it is available for free download.

Introduction of PPSSPP Gold

The internet hasn't really been popular since the 2000s, so games aren't as diverse as they are today. It is mainly integrated into the entertainment sector and in the box boxes on PPSSPP is one of the leading devices in this field. When released, Sony sold millions of products in the first week. They are still popular today, but they are impractical because we have to take them everywhere. The idea of ​​integrating the PSP emulator into a mobile phone has been introduced and reaches the users quickly. PPSSPP Gold is exactly what I mean. Let's see what is in this emulator!

The best PSP emulator for Android

PPSSPP Gold can play most games released on Sony's PSP. If you mirror the application console and use the chip in your device to start and run, significant performance should be achieved. Even weak devices still seem easy. Why can I be stubborn? This is because of the PPSSPP Gold supports any installer that lets you determine the most optimal configuration.

The delayed play may be due to an inability to render the image. You can enable rendering mode in conjunction with caching to increase speed, disable blocking transmission, disable the option to simulate effects, and reduce the resolution to work better.

As a controller, you can see that all the function buttons of PSP, including D-pad up / down / left / right button, analog button, two left, right shoulder buttons and X, O, square, and triangle buttons. You are at the bottom of the screen. You can also customize them to hide, move, or set the buttons to create the desired combination.

Provision of Game stores

When downloading this app, it is completely empty and contains no games. As you can see, the homepage is a group of file lists in your memory. Exit and go to Homebrave and Demo Tubes to access the store. You will see many games from Cave Story, Battleground 3, Mega Drops, or Attack of Mutants. Are there all the legendary games on Sony devices?

But not so much, it's just a part of it because Henrik Rydgaard only stores some of the most popular versions. It instructs you to download PSP game files from an external source and then place them in a path in the / PSP / Game folder. In this case, you have to change the format manually if it is not already in ISO or CSO format. In general, it is quite simple and easily recognized by apps, to add to your game list.

Save data

Like the actual PSP, the PPSSPP Gold supports data storage to characterize the gold gaming experience. If you are in bed to play a game but your mother tells you to cook, you can click the menu tab, select "Save Game" and give a little more free time.

The app supports five datasheets for each game. You can overwrite or delete it to create a new backup.


In fact, the graphics on the PSP are just average because the games are designed to fit the small screen of a console device. Now, if you’re using a 6-inch smartphone or a 10-inch tablet, you’re afraid that throwing a chicken egg to the ground will break the graphics, right? Your concern is understandable, but Henrik Rydgaard was afraid of the situation and was reorganized. The graphic has 5 times the resolution of PSP. A very impressive number. In addition to texture settings, texture filters, and post shading and display layout features to satisfy even the most demanding ones.

Of course, graphics processing to improve quality is not synonymous with designing from the beginning with HD resolution. But it is possible and I think we can support this effort with a 5-star rating.


In short, there was a free emulator that was previously published by Henrik Rideguard. However, he also said that he would not be allowed for any problem. With PPSSPP Gold, however, all problems are solved, and the app also supports future development.